PDF Myths That Should Be Debunked Immediately 


With a PDF, you can not only read, but you can edit as well because most modern PDF converters provide you with that feature. Whether you wish to resize the texts, add or delete images, or add models or graphs, everything can now be done with a PDF converter. 

However, there are still some myths related to PDFs that are ruining your chances of taking advantage of this versatile document format. The file format remains the same; hence, no matter where you view it and from what kind of device, the content would remain intact. Here are some of the common myths surrounding PDFs that you would often get to hear and which should be debunked immediately. 

To Create one, Files Need To Be Scanned Always 

In a business or the corporate world or even for individual use, having a scanner handy is crucial; however, scanners’ only purpose is not just scanning files that could later be converted to a PDF. There are much easier ways to do so. 

Scanners allow you to place physical documents and transform them into files that can be stored on the computer. However, this is not always how PDFs work. Scanning and PDFs are not interlinked. With PDFs, you can just convert any digital file to PDF format and vice versa.

Merging PDFs Results in Bad Quality File

There is often a myth that when you resize PDF using a PDF converter like PDFsimpli, it could ruin the quality of the file. Merging PDFs allows you to combine different PDFs, and you can easily do so by using the best PDF compressor online like PDFsimpli. 

When you turn larger files into a different format, you might notice that the image quality has reduced because of the low processing power, but this does not happen when you merge PDFs. Merging PDFs will never result in the reduction of PDF quality which is why a lot of people store their information by merging PDFs.

PDFs Are Large 

A lot of companies are extremely careful when storing files and data because file storage could get expensive. A lot of workplaces do not use PDFs fearing that it would take up a lot of space; however, this is a complete myth, in fact, when you merge PDF files, you save on storage space on your hardware. 

The size of the file depends on the data that is being stored and never on the format. Hence, there is nothing to worry about, optimize your storage space by opting for PDFs.

As modern workplaces are transforming with the advent of new technology every day, PDFs are going to be there to help you optimize your data and help you stay organized. 

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