Why You Should Not Skip Microsoft Dynamics Upgrades


With the fast changes in the technology landscape, you need to upgrade your existing technologies.

With new software releases, there are opportunities for you to upgrade your existing software. After you upgrade, you will see remarkable changes or improvements over the previous versions.

Again, there is another aspect of upgrading your software. If you delay an upgrade, you might see new issues arising for your company. It becomes more challenging to move to the latest version if you wait longer.

You will see the transition as more complex and call for more effort in such a case. As a result, you will likely see extended downtime and higher costs.

Here are the top reasons for your existing software to undergo a Microsoft Dynamics upgrade

Higher Security

Things had changed from the past when users needed to purchase new servers to actuate an upgrade.

Today, you can accomplish the upgrade by migrating to a secure cloud-hosted environment. And, it saves you money by reducing maintenance costs.

In addition, migration helps increase the security manifold. For example, you can hear news about significant data breaches in large companies. And, there is plenty of news about the development of new viruses and digital threats.

If your company becomes a victim of a security breach, your sensitive data can get exposed to risks. In addition, it will also jeopardize your relationships with your clients and your overall brand reputation.

But, you can put all your worries to rest if you use Microsoft Dynamics365. The software has tight security, testing and monitoring features to ensure a high degree of security for your data.

Moreover, cloud hosting allows you to manage, maintain, backup and access data remotely.

Due to the high degree of security, many businesses have switched over to the cloud.

Increased Productivity

If you fail to upgrade your existing systems to the latest Microsoft Dynamics upgrade, you will miss the key latest features.

As your business evolves, you need newer tools to handle the latest challenges.

Therefore, you should upgrade your software to access innovative tools to manage your data effectively.

After you upgrade your Microsoft Dynamics software, you will find it easier to integrate your existing software with new technologies and external applications.

Such integration can help you introduce new functionality and simplify your business processes.

If you are running your business in the UAE, you can choose the best Microsoft Dynamics partner UAE to actuate the upgrade.

Supported Features

You should also ensure that the upgrade conforms to the latest version. It will help you access all the available support resources.

You might not access some support options with software aging. In such a case, your solution can get jeopardized.

It can also happen that your IT team can develop their workarounds to issues with time. But, those workarounds are not always beneficial because they can create security issues, compromise data, or consume more time.

That is why you need to upgrade your software to the latest version. The latest versions have fixes for bugs and reduce the risk caused by workarounds.

In addition, the latest versions can have new features to benefit your business immensely. Furthermore, there can be many community-requested functional improvements in the latest versions. And that can improve your business’ efficiency.


If you have implemented Microsoft Dynamics for your business, you should upgrade it periodically. You should not skip the upgrades because by doing so, you will miss out on the critical features that can help your business deal with newer digital threats. But, ensure you choose a trusted implementation partner to actuate the upgrade.

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