Where to Enjoy the Outdoors Near Toronto


Toronto does more than live up to its stellar reputation. It’s an amazing city that’s known equally for its culture, world class restaurants, and professional opportunities. If you are from somewhere more rural, making the move to the big city might make you feel like you’re leaving all you love about nature behind.

Just because you’re moving here doesn’t mean that needs to be the case. In fact, there’s going to be plenty of options to have a wonderful experience outdoors whether you are looking for a nice way to spend an evening outside in the summer or you are looking for your new favorite weekend getaway to return to time and time again. 

Evergreen Brickworks

If you are looking to stretch your legs a little, that doesn’t mean that you have to leave the city to do so. In fact, there’s plenty of foot trails right in the city itself. A prime example of this is Evergreen Brickworks located in the center of the city. It’s the home of former factories and farms and is now the site of several nature areas and community spaces.

For those who know they are moving here but haven’t yet closed on Real Estate in Toronto, living or working as close as possible to Evergreen Brickworks will provide the perfect outlet to get away from the city all without really leaving it. The hikes here are on the easier side, which might put some off at first, but think about how this will be the perfect way to spend your evenings after a long day at work.

Niagara Falls

Given the drive from Toronto is around an hour and a half, seeing Niagara Falls might be better saved for a weekend getaway or at least a day trip. Distance aside, for those who haven’t made the trip, the falls is not only one of the most beautiful sights in all of Ontario, but one of the most jaw-dropping sights anywhere in the world. Outside of sightseeing, there’s’ plenty of other ways to enjoy the outdoors in Niagara Falls.

Another outdoor staple is the Niagara Whirlpool Loop which is a little more on the challenging side but will only take around 2 hours to complete the loop so those looking for a little more adventure would simply be able to go around once again. 

Bruce Trail to the Grotto

For those hikers looking to test themselves, the Bruce Trail to the Grotto is the perfect option. This shining gem of Bruce Peninsula National Park is another hiking option that’s not super long, but its difficulty comes from the rocky terrain and repeating changes in elevation. 

For those who can make it through the over 7 kilometer trail, they’ll be rewarded with views of the grotto and amazingly blue water that’s perfect for a quick dip before you head back to hiking. Keep in mind the water is sure to be on the colder side, but that’ll be perfect after the hike it takes to get there.  

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