Top specializations you can choose after your B Arch degree


Architecture is a unique course where students learn the different aspects of building design, urban planning, sustainable development, landscape design, etc. It includes the different aspects of the construction of real estate projects too. Overall, this is a remarkable domain where aspirants can nurture their creativity and develop exceptional skills. They seek admission in the top B Arch universities in Lucknow and start developing their careers step by step.

These days, specializing in a technical domain has become a huge priority. For this, an architecture aspirant will have to discover the respective domains and focus on pursuing advanced courses after completing their graduation courses. Let us check the promising domains where you can pursue specialization and proceed with your career.

Specializations in architecture

1. Architecture engineering

This domain deals with the development of various engineering structures such as dams, flyovers, barrages, etc. It also deals with the functional systems of real estate developments such as heating, cooling, ventilation, illumination, etc. This domain is quite related to the civil engineering stream where architects design and develop engineering structures and concentrate on their features.

2. Architectural design

This domain focuses on the designing part of the structures. This is where the aspirants studying in the B Arch universities in UP will concentrate on aesthetics, creativity, and innovation. They will learn how to design houses, commercial buildings, and other modern developments to make an available space more useful. This is a desk job domain where architects work on creating designs after visiting a site.

3. Interior architecture

Interior design is a small aspect of interior architecture. There are multiple aspects of interior design that architects learn in the B Arch universities in UP. They learn how to focus on visually pleasing elements of the interior of a real estate property.

Whether it is commercial or residential, the aesthetic appeal of an interior design tells a lot about the owner. Architects are hired for such projects and they input their creativity to frame genuine designs.

4. Landscape architecture

Another important domain of this stream, landscape architecture deals with the open space of a residential or commercial project. They consider the aesthetics of greenery and make the available space more sustainable. The prime focus of a budding architect is to learn how to make landscapes sustainable, aesthetically pleasing, and focus on the conservation of green resources. The subjects taught in the B Arch universities in UP also concentrate on ecology, geology, and social aspects assisting students to understand the value of open space in modern settlements.

5. Urban planning

Building new environments in an urban settlement is a challenge. The inclusion of new residential, commercial, and social aspects in a new location are something very thrilling for architects. You can also choose urban planning to understand communities and to provide a better platform for their development.

Final words

To choose the right specialization, gather knowledge in the best B Arch universities in Lucknow first. Focus on pursuing advanced courses to develop your career in a specialized domain.

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