LOS ANGELES is the city of angels, the big orange is another name of it. The city is one of the most popular and charming cities present in the US. The place seems fascinating because everything from food to architecture to the weather and beaches, everything is great here. If you are considering moving to Los Angeles to look for opportunities, then before relocation, you should know the cost of living here. The city is the third most expensive city in terms of living costs. Some of the pricing pursuits of the city are events, enjoying the wild nightlife of the city, fantastic cuisines and a lot of other inexpensive things present here to do like sports and outdoor activities which are generally free of cost. If you want to know how much cost you have to spend to live in the city then check out this.

Housing and utilities cost:

When planning to buy or rent a house for your family in Los Angles, multiple factors are there that are to be considered such as the size of the property, price of the particular house or apartment, utilities provided, interior or exterior of the house, and many more before hiring movers Los Angeles to relocate. Also, the location where you decide to live also influences the housing cost. With an increase in the number of bedrooms and size of the property, the housing cost will also increase. The average housing cost for a one-bedroom apartment in LA is $15,600 for an entire year and a four-bedroom apartment, the average housing cost is $36,000 per year. For the required utilities such as electricity, water, and gas, the basic yearly bill for at least a 900sqft property will be $1,560. You can always offset your housing cost if you find a roommate in Los Angeles who will rent one of the rooms in your home.

Transportation cost:

If you are the one who is shifting from a small town to a big city in Los Angles and is not used to

traffic, then specifically for you it can become difficult to drive on the roads of LA. Almost every person in LA depends on the public transportation system to commute around the city. For a person belonging to a medium or high-class income group the monthly pass for the public transport costs around $100, and the one belonging to a low-income class, the monthly charge for public transport pass is $76. To avoid transportation expenses you and your family can prefer walking to nearby places. Also, LA features a developed network of lanes for the bicycles, so you can opt for biking.

Entertainment and fitness costs:

LA is world-famous for its best nightlife. If you are the one who needs a dosage of entertainment time and again, then you should know that tickets in the cinema halls are priced at $15 without any snacks. Residents in Los Angles like to be fit and thus, look good. If you prefer to join the fitness club here then it can cost you around $45 every month. You can also look for cheaper gyming options. Jogging I the best free method to get fit.

Healthcare cost:

Healthcare facilities here in Los Angles can get pricey. But it is important to protect the health of yours and your family. Expenditure to be incurred by a single adult on the healthcare facilities available in Los Angles can be around $2,545 for the entire year. And in the case of a family having two adults and a child, the health expenses rise to around $8,000 per year.

Groceries and food costs:

After housing, groceries and food are two things that account for major household expenses. LA is known as a dining paradise. You on your budget can enjoy a meal with your family at different restaurants in LA. Having a one-time meal at an inexpensive restaurant in Los angles can cost around 20 dollars per person. If you prefer to cook your meal on your own at the home then expenses to be incurred on the food can be around $3,800 per year.

Cost of eating out:

The city is not limited to the dining options as there are a lot of opportunities present out there to try new cuisines. Though it is not cheap to eat out in the city and you have to spend a huge amount to dine out. Luckily, cheap eats are also available and you can get it at the local haunts present around the city. If you are going to live there then spend some time exploring the place to know about these haunts or you could also ask someone about these. Though if you are limited in budget then instead of dining out or eating out, you should prefer to cook your food to save your bucks.

Wrapping it all up!!!

There is no strict figure that one has to spend, it is completely dependent on the lifestyle of an individual. But as the city is expensive to live in therefore you should have a basic amount ready with you before relocating. Consider all the above expenses and then decide what is good for you.


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