Is it Legal to Sell My Extra Diabetes Testing Supplies?


If you have diabetes, you know that testing your blood glucose levels is important. It can help you and your doctor prevent and treat high or low blood sugar levels.

However, sell diabetic test strips and lancets can be expensive. So, you may want to sell your extra supplies to make some money.


If you are a diabetic and have extra sell test strips, continuous glucose monitors or lancets you no longer need, it may be time to sell them. This is a great way to make some extra money and help others who are struggling to pay for their diabetes supplies.

There are many companies that buy these items from patients and you can even sell them yourself by placing an ad on Craigslist or eBay. The process is legal and ethical and can help others who are in need of these items.

A black market in diabetic testing supplies is causing concern among federal regulators and doctors. These resale companies are buying strips from patients and reselling them on the street and online for up to three times what they cost in a pharmacy or store.


Many diabetics struggle with the cost of sell diabetic supplies, so they have turned to a black market for these medical items. Patients with little or no insurance can purchase test strips at a significant discount, then sell them to companies that will resell them to people who are paying out of pocket for the product.

One of the main reasons for this black market is that manufacturers of testing supplies price them in a similar way to prescription drugs. They set a very high list price, then offer significant discounts and rebates.

Because testing supplies are so costly, Medicare and Medicaid have created a competitive bidding program to encourage suppliers to reduce costs and increase efficiency. However, this program has also raised concerns about inappropriate payments and billing. The federal government has recently partnered with private sector contractors to conduct reviews of Medicare claims, interview beneficiaries, place suppliers on prepayment review, and perform extensive post payment audits.

Online Buyers

Many people with diabetes use a device called a glucometer to monitor their blood glucose levels. This can be expensive, especially when not covered by insurance.

As a result, some people who have extra diabetic testing supplies are selling them to resellers. These resale shops can then resell the strips to patients at a cheaper price.

However, this practice is frowned upon and it can be illegal to profit from diabetic supplies that have been paid for by Medicare or Medicaid.

Another problem with this practice is that it’s not healthy for patients to buy a product they’re not going to use. This could lead to compromised test strips or even negative results.

For this reason, it’s important to find a trustworthy buyer who will pay you a fair price for your diabetic testing supplies. You should also check the company’s reputation before you sell to them. If you do your research, you can rest assured that your supplies will be in good hands.


Many diabetics sell their extra unused diabetic test strips and as a result help others get supplies at a reduced price.

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