How to Prepare Your Home for the Cold Weather


Preparing your home for the cold weather is always a multi-pronged process. Everything from your guttering to your bedding needs to be considered, and your house will need some attention! If you are stuck on where to start, this guide has some helpful tips for finishing the job quickly and covering all the bases.

Upgrade to a Smart Heating System

It is natural that your heating will be switched on a little bit more over the next few months. Installing a smart meter and system will help you manage your bills a bit better and even save you money over the period as well. These platforms run the heating from your phone (or tablet) and are higher in efficiency than the traditional alternative.

Deep Clean the Corners and Crevices

With winter approaching, it is the perfect time for a complete deep clean. Dust can be a bigger problem during the cold months when people are spending more time inside. That is why it is great to get a head start and take care of all the corners and crevices before the mud moves in. Clean down the walls and dust all the ceiling areas, and consider deep cleaning all the carpets too so that they are ready for a bit more traffic in the weeks to come.

Don’t Forget the Garden

When thinking about how to prepare your garden for winter your mind is bound to go in many directions. However overwhelming it may feel, there are some simple tasks you can complete to make life easier when the springtime comes around again. Don’t neglect your plants, and try to stay on top of the pruning so that it doesn’t become unmanageable.

Try Installing Insulation

Insulation is heavily encouraged for any home. It can be placed in out of sight areas and does contribute towards temperature control in a positive way. There are some government backed schemes to explore, or you could opt for a private company too.

Clear the Gutters

Gutter pipes often become clogged up during the winter months. There is a lot of debris that can get stuck or gathered and it needs to be cleared to keep everything running efficiently. So, whether you outsource the job or do it yourself, make sure they are completely clear in order to manage the inevitable rain and wind coming your way.

Think About Draughts

Draughts are pockets of cold air that infiltrate your property either through a door or window, or even a vent. They are a pain when it comes to keeping your house toasty and warm, but they can be managed if you get a strategy in place. Invest in some decent draught excluders, and do a complete audit of all the external windows to ensure there are no cracks or breaks in the frames that could be letting the cold enter.

Prepping your home for the winter is a big job, but one worth doing. Thankfully, there are plenty of routes to take to ensure your energy bills won’t be sky high and you manage to keep everything cosy and comfortable.

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