An engine generally refers to the main source of power in a machine. Mechanical energy results from the engine’s action in burning fuel, be it petrol or diesel. No machine will operate without the force generated by the engine. It is due to the importance of the engine that I will enlighten you on the diesel type of engine.

A diesel engine uses diesel fuel to produce a mechanical type of power that helps to run all the other parts of a machine. An engine can either be a two-stroke or a four-stroke depending on its proposed function and the working capacity. For most investors, it has never been easy to buy one that serves them maximum and lasts hence necessitating the writing of the article.

Figure 1.1: A diagrammatic representation of an Engine

To obtain maximum service from your engine depending on the task it performs, you have no obligation to consider the following fundamental factors.

1. The Engine Working Capacity

This is an important consideration in engine replacement. Most engines are assembled with a capacity to perform a specific task, therefore, it will be of no benefit to buying one that is above or below the recommended capacity. To obtain the best to optimal benefits from your Jiangdong diesel engine in Kenya, you have to know its proposed task and working capacity.

2. Maintenance and Service Practices

Do you know that no matter the quality an engine is, negligence or lack of knowledge on its maintenance practices will warrant its failure?  It is always said that an investment in a machine is worth only if you fully understand all its details. Never make the mistake of buying an engine that you can’t properly maintain and service because you will fail terribly.

3. The Ease of Obtaining its Spare parts

Another consideration that we can’t just assume is the ease of accessing the spare parts. Keep in mind that as the engine works, there is a lot to do with the tear and wear of its parts hence replacing them is mandatory. To minimize the costs of replacement, buy one that you will get its parts with the least costs incurred.

4. The Employees’ Machine Handling Skills

In a situation where you are not involved in direct handling of the engine, employ qualified or skilled staff. Why not any other personnel? As you are aware the engine will require the operator’s attention in various areas, at times it needs to be cooled hence, having a staff that does not understand machine language is too disastrous to your business or investment.


In most cases, we experience engine failure due to a lack of proper knowledge or negligence on the above important factors. Investment is worth only if it generates good income that can cover all the expenses due to its acquisition and its daily operations. It is therefore very important to have the information at your fingertips.  Enjoy your investment!


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