Factors that Determine Solar Battery Price in Kenya


Solar energy has been around for centuries, but only recently have we begun to harness its potential as a renewable energy source. Solar batteries have become very popular in recent years, used as alternative energy in a wide range of applications.

The 200ah solar battery is an essential high-powered solar battery used in off-grid, solar-powered, and other remote power applications. It has many uses, including powering lights, charging phones, and more

These days, solar energy has become an affordable option for many people. Today, a lot of solar cells are available on the market. You can purchase one depending on your needs. However, several factors affect the price of solar batteries in Kenya.

Storage capacity

If you want to purchase a solar battery in Kenya, it is essential to consider its output. This battery comes with 200ah and a 12 voltage which guarantees a maximum power supply that can last up to eight hours. Higher storage capacity means more price, reliability, and power to cater to your energy needs.

The Discharge Depth factor

When it comes to solar batteries, discharge depth plays a vital role in the item’s price. Before buying the chloride 200ah battery, make sure you know how it discharges power. For example, a 100% depth means that the whole storage capacity can be utilized before recharging the system. The more discharge depth percentage, the higher the price of the apparatus

The type of technology used

Chloride Exide 200ah solar battery price in Kenya is primarily determined by the technology used to make the appliance. When fully charged, the deep cycle technology enables it to produce power slowly to run longer. This means that the battery is of good quality and hence more expensive than others in the market.

How long does the battery last

The lifetime of a solar battery has a direct correlation with its price. A standard battery can last for five to fifteen years. Due to the more widespread use of solar panels, more durable batteries will be available in the future. These 200ah batteries come with a 5-year guarantee offering more durability and reliability.

Backup component

Without detecting an outage and adjusting the power supply, a solar battery system is of little use. However, this feature comes at a cost, as it lets the solar cell distribute power without feeding it back into the power grid.

Battery efficiency

Conversion losses occur throughout the storage stage, and energy is lost through heat. The amount of stored energy used by the battery controls its whole effectiveness. A battery adds only a tiny percentage to the total efficiency, whereas the entire storage system determines it. This dramatically affects the price of the battery.

Solar cell prices are determined for many reasons. But for you to get value for your money, ensure to invest in an appliance that will guarantee maximum performance, reliability, value addition, and cater to your needs of greener and sustainable renewable energy for your home. Solar energy is the future of renewal energy in the world.

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