Get the party started: 7 Best Home Bar Decor Ideas


Do you have a party coming up and you don’t know what to do? Or did you consider setting up a home bar but don’t know how to start? Relax! In this article, you will discover the seven best home bar decor ideas to get the party started.

Choose A Space To Set Up Your Bar

Before making your home bar decor, you must look around your house and pick the space you will most certainly be entertaining guests or spending much of your time hanging out. For instance, a furnished basement can be an excellent spot for you to create a home bar. After getting a perfect space or room, empty some bookshelf space for your home bar. You can either set up a new bookshelf or use an existing one. Use the bookshelf to store drinks and glassware.

Make Use of Color

After choosing the room for your home bars, use colors to brighten your bar and give it some style. Use colors that will give your bar a unique look. When choosing colors, you should consider going for bold shades that will brighten up your home bar. Also, a dark color palette can help define your home bar space. When choosing a color for your house bar, do not rush the decision because the right color will help create a welcoming atmosphere.

Create an Armoire Bar

An armoire is a specific type of wardrobe that has several purposes. It is originally meant for keeping different weapons and armory. However, you can be creative with an armoire and use it in making a home bar decor. If you have an old armoire, you can turn it into a liquor cabinet for your home bar. The fascinating thing about this home bar decor idea is that an armoire can help keep bar tools, glassware, and wine bottles.

Create a Bar Under Your Stairs

You can make good use of the space under your stairs by remodeling it into a home bar! If the space under your stairs is large enough, you can choose to showcase your wine collection or make it a full-fledged bar with the necessary equipment, stools, and glassware. To achieve this, you have to remodel the space under your stairs, but make sure it does not affect the quality of the stairs or the interior plumbing.

A Pallet Bar

If you have natural woodwork talent, then a DIY recycled pallet bar is a perfect home bar decor idea for you. It is simple to build, and you don’t have to spend too much. The only thing you will need to do is buy the pallets, nails, and set time over the weekend to work. Once you have gotten the materials you need and have put them together, you should consider adding a slight finish to make it look a bit rustic.

You can also put some plants in the pallet bar to make it look beautiful and elegant at the same time. If you plan to grow the plants yourself, you must know that there are many things you should consider such as nutrients, lighting, watering etc. If you cannot provide enough light for your plants, you might look into grow lights and see how it would benefit your planting process.

A Vintage TV Bar

A retro television set from the 1960s is an excellent choice for creating a home bar. It is big enough to show stemless glasses and keep tall bottles. If you don’t have a retro TV but still want to create a vintage TV bar, you can look for one in a thrift store. You must check your retro TV’s quality before using them as liquor storage. This is because some retro TVs are too frail to hold heavy bottles. A vintage TV bar is an excellent fit for your home.

Remodel Your Kitchen

Remodeling your kitchen will make your kitchen space more functional. A kitchen is a place where a lot of activities take place. To be able to attach a home bar to your kitchen, you have to remodel it. This can be done with the professional help of general contractors like those located in Sacramento. If you are interested in remodeling your kitchen, then kitchen remodeling Sacramento is the right option for you. Working with these professionals will help create a remodel plan for your kitchen and pay attention to layout, measurement, and your unique style.


Having a home bar is not only a fantastic idea, but it is also fun, especially if you are looking to have a party. Now that you have learned about the best home bar decor ideas to get the party started, create your unique home bar, and have fun with friends and family.

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