Drug addiction signs to look for in people.


Nowadays, it is quite easy to see that there are many people suffering from drug addiction and at the same time there are many people who are getting treated for it too. Some people have a hard time trying to understand how to check for such people and how to know if someone is addicted to drugs and alcohol. It is important to see that if someone is addicted to drugs or alcohol because these two things can really harm someone and can allow them to harm others too. A person who is drugged is not in their senses and to avoid such people is the best thing you can do next to you avoiding drugs by yourself as well so you do not have to go to a rehab center like Seven Arrows Recovery to treat your drug addiction.

You have to check your surroundings and you have to know the signs of a drug addict. It will keep you safe and the people you love safe from such people who are going through the process of drug addiction. And when you do find out if they are addicted to drugs, you should put in some effort and at least notify their guardians or people in their family or the boss about their situation so at least something can be done about them. Because if nothing is done about it, then there might be chances more people could get hurt later on or could get addicted to drugs because of such a person.

Therefore, here are a few important signs you should look out for in order to see if someone is addicted to drugs:

They smell different, especially when they talk. This is something that is quite common, their mouth (if they inhale or eat the drug) would smell different. You need to look for any foul smell. For example, someone who smokes a lot will of course smell of cigarettes and nicotine a lot. And anyone who does cocaine or heroin will of course smell of it as well. So, you need to look out of the smells first drug rehab centers such as Seven Arrows Recovery make this the most important sign to look for.

The second sign is to see if they come home late. They will most likely start to come home a bit late than usual. If they were coming home from school or work at 5 pm, you will see that they are coming home at 7 pm etc. This sudden change should be investigated. Call your child’s fiend’s parents or teacher to tell them about this and know about their whereabouts or call your spouse’s colleagues or helpdesk or friends to know about their whereabouts. It is always better to be safe than sorry.

They will start to eat a lot. Drug addicts tend to eat a lot because drugs require a lot of energy and resources to work, but the thing is, even after eating this much. You will see that the drug addict won’t be increasing their weight, their appetite will increase, their thirst will increase, but their weight won’t because drugs use a lot of energy and increase your body’s metabolic levels.

They will get cranky overtime. Their anxiety will be on the high often times, you will see them throwing tantrums and getting agitated on small matters. They might even lash out at times, if that happens, it means that the addiction might be progressing to moderate to extreme levels. This usually happens when the drug addict cannot get their next dose easily. Therefore, if you see any of these signs, get in touch with a rehab center such as Seven Arrows Recovery center to get proper treatment.

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