Factors to consider when buying battery charger in Kenya


We have many gadgets that use batteries, and a battery charger is a handy invention that has saved many of us time and money when we are in a tight spot when our gadgets suddenly die. This article will address the factors to consider when buying the best battery charger and how they affect the prices.

Although some gadgets come with inbuilt chargers, more and more devices now require an external charger. A battery charger is a device used to charge batteries and electronics, such as car batteries, remote control batteries, and wireless devices like mobile phones.

Battery chargers differ according to brand, purpose, size, and capacity of the batteries you want to charge. Thus, buying a good charger and evaluating its price may seem confusing at first. The quality and various benefits of the battery charger you purchase determine the price you will pay.

 Types of Battery Chargers. 

A battery charger will save you money because of having to keep buying new batteries for your devices. You will only need to purchase a good battery charger for repeat use. The type of battery charger depends on the battery purpose, like household gadgets or car batteries.

The smart battery charger. There are several innovations in technology, the most recent invention is the smart charger. A smart charger is efficient in power usage and the speed of charging a gadget. It also has a micro-processor that indicates when a battery is full or not and automatically stops charging once it is full. The disadvantage of this type of Battery charger is its cost.

Manual battery chargers are a good choice if you only have a small budget. Because it recharges batteries continuously, it does not indicate if the battery is full or shut itself off when it gets full. Using a manual battery charger, you run the risk of overcharging or undercharging your device.

The battery charger price in Kenya will depend on various features. Below are the aspects that you must consider because they affect the price of the battery charger.

The size of the batteries: If you buy a charger for household devices, the size will differ from the one used for a vehicle’s battery.

Type compatibility: While buying a battery charger, make sure you know the type of battery you will charge. For example, lithium-ion or nickel-metal, or nickel-cadmium. The battery will have the type indicated on it. Ensure you check if it is compatible with your battery type when buying a battery charger.

Battery charger speed: You have to check this aspect of the battery charger. If you want a smart charger that charges at top speed, you may need to pay a little extra for this feature.

Battery charger capacity; determine if a charger can charge one or more batteries at a time. Multiple charging is common with household devices’ battery chargers.


A quality battery charger is essential to save money and time. Depending on the size, function, and efficiency of the battery charger you need, the price of the charge will vary. Prices range from 4,000 to 28,000. Having a battery charger is an excellent investment.

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