Many of us are working with different share markets and currency dealings. In these dealings when you want to receive your payments in your national currency you must have any contractor for that and these contractor takes 10% of your total payment as their profit. The best way to deal with this problem is that you have your own currency wallets.

Whereever you are in the world – all you required is the internet to receive and send the payments according to the currency you own. These digital currencies don’t need any contractor or any third person for paying the amounts. But sometimes all you need is to convert or transfer your currency from one digital currency form to other.

ETH and BNB are two in demand and on growing currencies of the world. There is nothing surprising if the user want to get exchanged its coins in these two and mark trade on them.

ETH basically is the cryptocurrency dealing with Ethereum which is a technology that’s home to digital money, global payments, and applications. The community has built a well established digital economy, some new ways for creators to earn online, and so much more. It’s open to everyone.

BNB is on other hand binance dealing cryptocurrency it also deals with digital marketing payments and money matters like ETH. Within their ecosystem they deals with payments billings fundraisings and many other sites accepted it as money paying and receiving sites.


These both Coins are here for same purpose for serving the payments methods BNB block chain is token powering binance coin while ETH is ethereum managing coins holding the largest number of coin holders.

Recent researches show that Most of the ETH Coin holders have also maximum shares with BNB. It is said that BNB is the fastest growing network of crypto currency for last few years.

BNB or binance coins are also the part of etherum block chain established in 2017 is one the largest cryptocurrency exchange with growing coin token holders.

Many Users needed to convert these coins from one to other ETH is converted to BNB because many users have binance app which help them to trade with low cost and more facilities they have low rates for withdrawals and gets more discounts upto 10%.

ETH has a substantial place in the cryptocurrency market as a whole, its use cases are preponderantly hooked on the network’s end users. BNB, however, already has many different use cases Fixed into its center, but it is also highly various: as the team makes it, “The longer-term vision for BNB is for it to become the aboriginal token on multiple Currency blockchains.”


Here the question arises how to convert these coins. Many sites have been seen on internet for this service. Many are providing best services some are good and some are just for name. For complete security of your coins you have to choose the most secure app or website for this purpose. I have used many sites but the best here is site ETH to BNB.

This site is developed by Holytransactions for private secure and fast transactions in to your wallets.

Why we choose accountless currency exchange.

  • It’s an accountless currency exchanger
  • This site is totally private you can exchange your currency without any email account and without any registration
  • You can exchange more than 30 currency forms directly in to your wallets
  • These exchange are faster than any other site
  • All the transactions are secure and private the site would never track you
  • If you have the site token you will also get 50% of the total profit

How to use

  • If you have ETH coins and you want to exchange them into BNB coins
  • GO to flyp site there would be two columns showing different coins and currencies.
  • In first column of I HAVE select ETH
  • in the Next column of I get select BNB Coins
  • Enter the BNB wallet address in which you want to get your exchanged currencies
  • Enter the ETH refund wallet so that if your transaction would you will get your amount refunded back into wallet.
  • The site will automatically get your currency exchanged at the recent rates of currency directly into your wallet.
  • me itself finds the best currency exchange rates and guarantees you the fixed exchange rate for minutes. This means you always get the amount you want. No surprises
  • Double check everything and click on flyp to get your currency exchanged.

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