Common Mistakes to Avoid that Hurt Your Personal Injury Claim


Getting injured in any accident because someone else did not fulfill his duty of care can put you in trouble. You might receive injuries and other losses because of the accident. A financial crisis hurts more than anything else does. That’s why, every state has its own personal injury laws so that the injured person gets financial assistance in tough times. To file these claims, you must hire a good Salem personal injury lawyer because he is aware of the state’s laws and hence, can help you get what you deserve.

What can hurt your claim?

It is important to learn that some actions can put you at risk of losing your compensation. You must avoid them so that you can obtain the money. They are discussed below:

Giving a statement without a lawyer

You should wait until your lawyer comes. Many people speak to the insurance company or another party out of anger and make such statements that can be used against them. That’s why, you should always let your attorney handle all these matters while you focus on your recovery. Even if the company gets in touch with you, you should ask them to speak to your lawyer.

Staying active on social media platforms

While social platforms give us an opportunity to connect with our family and friends, you should not post a picture of your injuries, accidents or anything related on these platforms. The insurance company may track every activity of yours and find out something to deny your claim. Most importantly, if you keep sharing jokes and commenting on others’ posts, you are likely to lose your compensation.

Handling the case on your own 

Many people believe that they can fight themselves and will save money by not hiring an attorney. They will waste their precious time and effort at the same time. If they lose the case, they will lose their money also. Let a legal person handle these complex cases because it is his job. He knows the legalities of personal injury cases. 

Learn to say No

Settling too early is a common mistake. You must wait for a long time until the insurance company makes another offer.  You should not say yes to the first offer they make because they will start from the lowest one.

By avoiding all of the above-mentioned mistakes, you will be able to win a good amount out of your personal injury claim. 

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