Ava Trade Review: Banking, Transactions, and Customer Support


Banking is undeniably the most important aspect of any financial service. When a company cannot provide its clients with simple directions and high-grade support in regards to depositing and withdrawing funds, you don’t feel safe dealing with it. In this Ava Trade review, we will focus solely on how the broker controls banking and deals with clients in this regard.

While it may seem less important than some other aspects of service such as order execution speed and the number of liquidity providers, we argue that depositing money is the first crucial step of communications between you and the broker. Establishing long-lasting connections with clients starts from creating a foundation and good banking is exactly that — foundation!

Ava Trade’s Banking Options

Ava Trade focuses on delivering a stellar user experience and safety. The variety of banking options is key to ensuring that clients have access to Ava Trade’s products and can use any method of payment to start trading. The broker offers a wide array of banking options including:

  1. Bank wire transfers are considered the safest and allow users to make deposits without much hassle while enjoying two-side protection from any fraudulent activities.
  2. Credit and debit cards also can be used to both withdraw and deposit funds. Most people prefer using their plastic cards instead of other forms of banking.
  3. Skrill is a well-known and widely used payment system mostly popular in the UK and Northern Europe. However, there are users of Skrill all across the globe.
  4. Webmoney is an old-school payment system widely used in the CIS region, Russia, Ukraine, and some Asian countries. While it may seem clunky, the system is well-protected and ensures that users enjoy top-tier levels of safety when it comes to financial operations.
  5. Neteller is another payment system often used by people from Africa, Asia, and Southern America as well as other regions.

Note that Ava Trade has some limitations for users from Europe and Australia. If you live there, you won’t be able to use some payment systems. Please, contact the customer support team and inquire about the most convenient banking methods in your particular situation.

When making your first deposit, you can use one of several currencies including USD and EUR. Note that citizens of Great Britain and Australia can use their national currencies to open any account at Ava Trade. The minimum amount for a deposit is 100 units of the chosen currency. So, a client from the US needs to deposit at least $100 while a client from Great Britain will have to deposit at least £100.

Ava Trade: Banking Speed

We live in the age of convenience and the level of comfort is often determined by how long one must wait for anything. Whether we speak about your morning coffee or when your deposited funds appear in your Ava Trade balance, the speed is the factor determining how you perceive the quality of service. 

  • The time required to conduct any financial transaction depends on a plethora of factors including which payment systems you use and when you make payment.
  • If you use credit and debit cards, you will see changes to your balance immediately. If the payment takes longer than expected, please contact the customer support team immediately.
  • When using E-payment methods, the transaction time may take up to 24 hours to process. It depends on the payment system but most transactions are executed within several minutes if not instantly.
  • Wire transfer is the slowest method but it is also the safest. Within 7 days, the payment is registered and processed. However, you may cancel the payment if you need to.

Customer Support Of Ava Trade

When it comes to dealing with money, having excellent communication with the broker is the key. Ava Trade’s customer support is available 24/7. In this Ava Trade review, you can check the latest and more detailed information about their customer support team.

Usually, a specialist will answer any inquiry within 5 minutes. It may take longer during busy periods but the usual response time is about 5 to 10 minutes. You can reach out to Ava Trade using e-mail, live chat, and phone.

All in all, Ava Trade is a great company in terms of banking and support!

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