Apply lip liner and lipstick on different shaped lips


Just like no two pairs of eyes are of the same shape and size, so is the case with your lips. Women have different shaped lips and often a combination of two lip shapes even. In such cases the upper lip maybe really broad but the lower lip will be really thin, or in some case both lips will be equally thin. This is where well applied lip makeup can make a world of difference to the way your lips look and feel.

To make your lips appear fuller, you can use a good lip liner and a thetotal matching shade of lipstick. Such women should avoid darker color lipsticks at all costs. If you have really thick lips, to make them appear thin, always apply lipstick till the ends of your lips and a little towards the inside of your lips as well.

  • For thin lips, you must work on increasing the size of your upper as well as lower lip. You can do this by creating a gentle curving line.
  • If your upper lip is thinner than your lower lip, balance the curve of your upper lip to create an even and full look.
  • For thin lower lips, you should extent the lower lip curve to even out the difference in size between the lips.
  • If you have full lips in the center that taper sharply at the corners, you can extend the sides of both lips while minimizing curving towards the corners.
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  • If you have narrow corners and full lips in the center, you have a Cupid’s bow. The best way to apply lip liner is to widen the sides of your lower and upper lips until they are balanced.
  • For small mouths, you should build the sides of your lips and extend the corners of your mouth.
  • If you have large, luscious and full lips, ensure that you keep your lipstick inside the lip to create a clean and sharp look.
  • Should your lips droop on the corners, you must build the sides of your upper lip and extend the corners of your mouth.

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