A woman’s eyes are perhaps the most beautiful feature of her face. They have a life of their own, they express emotions and feelings and when light up, they put a glow on your whole face. While we are all gifted with beautiful eyes, our fast lifestyles, poor habits and irregular routines tend to take a toll on our delicate eyes, leaving them dull and sometimes even with dark circles under them. This is where eye makeup can do wonders for your eyes, by highlighting them and correcting their flaws.

However, unlike face makeup, eye makeup is not easy. This is because while doing face makeup your canvas is vast, giving you ample scope and space to experiment, but when it comes to eye makeup you have to be extra careful as eyes are a comparatively smaller and delicate canvas. Overdoing your eye makeup should certainly be avoided but knowing what is too much only comes from regular practice.

Try to invest in good quality makeup products. Quality products will make the task much easier and a lot more fun. Choosing the right eyeliner and eye shadow It is important to carefully select your eyeliner and eye shadow.

Last Words:

Here it is important to select colors in the same color combination or color range. You could also match your eye makeup to your overall skin tone. For example, if you are not particularly fond of heavy makeup and normally just wear tinted moisturizer or concealer, then the best eye shadow colors would be nude, beige or shades of brown for day wear, if you are fair and plum. Use tan or berry if you are whitish in complexion.


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