A Personal Sauna Heating Blanket for Slimming, Detoxifying and Staying Fit, Naturally


There’s no alternative to good health, and this is a well-established fact through ages. Therefore, you need to look for ways to stay fit, healthy and agile in this fast-paced living environment, where lifestyle has become too hectic, and time is amply short. Hence, if it’s a short-cut way to stay fit, then so be it. In this context, a US based company by the name of “LevelUp Sauna” brings to you a revolutionary health & fitness product in the form of a portable sauna blanket that functions on the scientific principle of infrared light therapy, powered by batteries. It is 100% safe to use, as it is scientifically researched, clinically proven and tested by labs. 

It is an ‘easy to carry’ and lightweight heating blanket that comes packed in a stylish looking bag, and you can spread it anywhere to enjoy a routine ‘home based’ calorie burning therapy or fitness session. A flat 30-45 minutes a day is enough to shed around 600 calories that a jogging, jumping rope or treadmill running can do. No need to step out of your house and pay hefty sauna club membership fees. This comes at a fraction of the cost.

The Benefits of an Infrared Sauna Blanket are Many

It is a totally natural way to lose weight, slim down, detoxify your body & mind, de-stress and burn excess calories, without having to go to a gym or a sauna club. This is what a personal sauna blanket is all about. Just slip inside the heating blanket, lay flat, listen to your favorite number or chartbuster and let the infrared light therapy do the work for you. Let’s understand the bouquet of benefits that this far infrared sauna blanket offers to all its users in a point-wise manner.

  • Burns hundreds of calories
  • Lose excess weight
  • Slim down naturally
  • Detoxifies the body & mind
  • Enhances Collagen production
  • Increases secretion and release of  ‘good hormones’ like Dopamine & Serotonin
  • Improves sleep
  • Enhanced blood flow and oxygen level in the blood
  • Reduces all types of inflammation,  body aches & pain
  • Relieves you from stress & anxiety
  • Removes harmful toxins from the body
  • Rejuvenates the skin, and more.

How Does a Sauna Blanket Work?

It works through the use of infrared light therapy that penetrates deep inside the skin into the cellular level, thus heating the body directly, instead of the surrounding air, unlike traditional saunas and steam baths. Statistics reveal that it is 7 times more powerful in detoxifying the whole body, when compared to general heat in a steam bath. As said, it heads down to the cellular level, resulting in a deep detoxifying sweat that carries out all the harmful body toxins.

All Natural Way to Rejuvenate your Body & Mind

Here, no oral pills, slimming capsules or workout sessions are required to stay fit, slim and slender. It is only infrared light therapy that helps in the production of Dopamine & Serotonin that rejuvenates your mind. Now, you’re able to burn those excess calories, without having to indulge in rigorous workouts that can stress your calf & thigh muscles, ligaments and tendons. Just a 30 minute session a day, and you burn up to 400-600 calories, without any harmful mind altering substances or chemically/steroids formulated pills. This is a 100% natural way to detoxify, slim, lose weight and stay healthy for years. It is quite similar to a personal therapist on-call.

It is no wonder why a majority of top-notch athletes, celebrities, business tycoons and city elites in the US trust this heating sauna blanket to look young, fresh, rejuvenated and stay fit.

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