5 Renovation Projects You Shouldn’t Leave Until Spring


Many people put off home renovations until spring when the nights begin getting longer and it’s warmer outside. However, there are many home DIY projects to tackle during the colder months. If you plan your projects now, you won’t need to open the door to anyone, meaning you can remain cozy indoors. With this in mind, we’ve gathered together five home renovation projects that lend themselves perfectly to winter.

Change Your Faucets

The majority of people will steer clear of DIY plumbing jobs. However, adding a new faucet to your sink is a simple and smart way of improving the functionality of your bathroom. All you need to do is turn off your water mains and follow the instructions included with your new faucet. If you don’t have the instruction booklet, you can simply follow a YouTube video for the correct style.

Bring In Some Smart Tech

Technology has edged its way into all aspects of our lives, our homes included. Adding smart features is a simple project to tackle during the winter – you just need to know how to read instructions. One of the most useful smart devices to add in winter 2022/23 is a smart thermostat, which will let you control your heating and manage energy expenditure from your smartphone.

Upgrade Your Laundry Room

Laundry rooms often suffer from neglect and get left to become cluttered and outdated. Updating this room can often be accomplished without using power tools and sledgehammers, which means you won’t need to open the window and let all the heat out.

Start by assessing the space you have and working out how to make it more functional. For example, a new set of shelves and a countertop fitted over the washing machine means you can store your chemicals and fold clothes. Further, choose a wall and stick on some wallpaper, which will help make the chores feel less of a bore.

Update Kitchen Storage

People are using their kitchens more now than ever before, meaning there’s much more demand for storage space. A smart solution is to turn the side of your cupboards into a hanging pegboard, which you can buy in many different styles. This is a simple project that will likely only call for a drill and four screws.

Apply Crown Molding

Crown molding is an excellent way of adding beautiful definition to any room, without the need to work long hours outside. As well as looking unique, the crown molding will help to cover any underlying defects, which adds to the appeal of your home. Further, there’s no need to fill up your home with paint fumes, meaning you can keep the windows and doors shut tight. If you want to find out more about crown molding, check out this article.

There is no reason to turn your back on DIY projects during the winter months. You simply need to plan properly and tackle tasks that let you keep the heat in. Avoid using substances with toxic fumes or creating too much dust, and you will complete plenty of renovation projects in no time.

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