5 Accessories To Buy With Your Range Hood


A range hood is a necessary addition to every kitchen. Besides its aesthetics, it is a functional piece that enhances air quality in your home. A top-quality range hood is designed to be functional, beautiful, and durable. Professionals design range hoods that homeowners have only imagined thanks to the customizability features they provide.

However, a range hood requires several accessories that aid in its functioning. Without these accessories, its functioning is impeded and cannot be useful in your kitchen besides adding visual appeal. Here are five accessories to buy with your range hood.

1. Range Hood Insert Fan

A range hood insert fan ensures you get a well-performing ventilation system to make your kitchen comfortable. The range hood insert fan is the power behind the hood because it is responsible for extracting kitchen fumes, odors, steam, and other pollutants from the cooktop to prevent them from settling on your curtains or furniture.

The range hood insert fan can be a remote blower, ductless conversion kit, or an integrated blower to ensure your kitchen is clean. In addition, the fan liner and motor come with two LED lights and bulbs to brighten your cooking space and add light to the kitchen. Range hood insert fans are also quiet, efficient, and made with the best materials to provide a power and efficiency balance while operating quietly.

2. Mounting Strings

Mounting strings are bought with your range hood, especially the island hood, to help install the hood on sloped, high, or cathedral ceilings. These strings are made from metal for strength and durability.

3. Carbon Filter

Besides the range hood insert fan, your hood needs a carbon or charcoal filter. The filter captures kitchen odors for fresher air and is made from activated charcoal for easier odor absorption and exhaustion. Depending on how often you use your kitchen, you should replace the filter every two months. Once you buy it, just twist and lock it into the fan. In addition, the purchase comes in a pair, so you have an extra carbon filter for replacement.

4. Wall Caps

Wall caps are optional ducting accessories made for hood and fan installations. They are available in various shapes, like square and round, sizes and configurations to host most ducting needs. For instance, a round wall cap fitting ensures the ductwork fits and operates properly using gravity and has a bird screen to keep birds and small animals outside. These wall caps are made from galvanized steel or aluminum for durability.

5. Broan Ducting

Broan ducting are transition accessories made to fit hood and fan outlets. They come in various sizes to fit outlets that need to fit into different ducting sizes and requirements. For instance, they are used for rectangular to round transitions or reduce transitions from a larger size to a smaller one. They are made from galvanized steel for durability.


Range hoods are incomplete without these accessories. So, take your time to choose a range hood insert fan that is suitable for your kitchen, the appropriate ducting and metal strings for installation, and ensure your range hood works effectively.

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