What Things You Need To Know About Stained Concrete For Your Home


The coloration imparts a luxurious richness unavailable to any other colorant medium. decorative concrete solutions is a finishing material that is often used in modern interiors. For several years, designers have actively used it for interior decoration, but it is not always appropriate. According to the purpose of using decorative concrete, many different types of concrete are available.

Stained concrete is one of the most popular decorative concrete paintings for inspiration and ideas for indoor and outdoor staining. Stained concrete floors have several advantages that other materials such as carpet and tiles cannot match. It is translucent and is intended to enhance, not mask, the surface.

In addition, by varying the ingredients of the concrete mass, stained concrete with specific properties and a pronounced original structure can be obtained. If you want to make your home eye-catching using stained concrete, you can visit this https://www.concretemidlandtexas.com/ website.

Scope of application Stained Concrete for Your Home:

On the kitchen:

Stained concrete can also be used in this room – it will become a universal basis for other interior elements. A grey concrete wall can contrast with white kitchen furniture or visually blend in with minimalist steel-tone cabinets. In order To get the effect of industrial space (loft), it is better to abandon the curtains on the window and decorate one of the walls with red artificial brick.

In the bedroom:

The material can be used as a decoration on the walls next to the bed. Grey monolithic slabs instead of a soft headboard are an excellent option for loft-style bedrooms. It will also look good on the floor. To visually soften the interior, you can lay down a fluffy rug and add decorations.

In the bathroom:

In the bathroom, stained concrete will look both on the walls and on the floor. Durable, moisture resistant, aesthetic – it imitates natural stone and is in harmony with the interior of the Scandinavian-style bathroom.

It is recommended to use a freestanding bathtub, a high floor-mounted tap, and a bowl-shaped sink in such an interior. It is worth decorating the bathroom with accessories – wicker baskets or stone accessories.

In the living room:

A minimalist living room adorned with stained concrete has been a trend that’s been around for a few years now, and there are no signs that it will be out of date any time soon. Concrete is best used to decorate only one wall – the one that needs to be highlighted. It can dilute a cold and austere interior with wooden elements; for example, add dark furniture – a black TV stand, a table made of monolithic wood, a grey corner – and a trendy interior is ready.

How to apply stained concrete correctly to your home?

Before proceeding with the application, it is necessary to prepare the substrate. Concrete plaster can be applied to various types of surfaces – concrete, plasterboard, and brick.

Before applying the plaster layer, the base must be thoroughly cleaned and dried. The subsequent step is to prepare the walls with a primer for stained concrete, which will increase the adhesion of the surface and protect it.

If the wall is prepared correctly, you can proceed to the next stage of work – applying concrete mass. It should first be mixed thoroughly and then applied to the wall with a Venetian spatula. After a quarter of an hour, the surface must be smoothed out.

In order to better imitate concrete, the putty can make uneven cavities on its surface with a trowel. Concrete slabs are attached to the walls with dowels or self-tapping screws for concrete on a remarkable wooden base. You can also use glue for assembly.

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