Functions of The Liver

Liver is one of the strongest organs of your body. It also has a very vital function, that is to filter the blood that comes from the digestive tract. Liver is also responsible for the excretion of unwanted products like cholesterol, drugs and hormones. Along with that, the liver is also a storage point for major substances of the human body, like glycogen, salts, minerals and vitamins.

A few specific functions of the liver is that it breaks ammonia, an extremely hazardous and fatal substance, into urea, which is safe for the human body. Bilirubin is a waste product in the body, which accumulates when red blood cells are broken down, the liver serves the function to process and remove excessive amounts of Bilirubin.

Another specific function of the liver is that it produces immune responsive cells which fight bacteria and other harmful toxins in several different parts of the body.

Symptoms of Liver diseases

While we discuss the functions of the liver, it is also crucial to know when your liver is struggling. The minor symptoms that may show if you are having any kind of kidney issue are fatigue, feeling of tiredness, nausea and dark urine.

One symptom that may stand out is called Spider Naevi. Spider Naevi is when clusters of arteries appear on skin which seem to look similar to a spider web. If more than 3 spider naevi appear on your skin, there are high chances that you are maybe suffering from a liver disease.

3 Ways to Maintain Liver Health

To keep your liver healthy and working, it is necessary for you to take care of blood and detoxify it regularly. Here are three ways that will guide you how to do that.

One, invest in some good quality detox teas. These teas are made of different herbs which come with surplus amounts of nutrients and health benefits. Different herbal detox teas work differently on your body, but they all do the same thing which is to detox your blood.

Second, try to incorporate juices and drinks in your diet that have charcoal in them. Charcoal is known for absorbing toxins and dirt. It works similarly in the human body. Charcoal binds itself to toxins and unwanted particles in your blood and removes them through the liver.

Lastly, follow a detox diet. Detox diet has been a thing for a long time, as it promotes healthy eating habits and capsaicin for weight loss. If you follow a detox diet you eliminate caffeine, alcohol, gluten, meat and sugar from your diet. This way your blood will get cleansed, you will adapt to better eating habits and make your liver and over all body healthy.

Liver is an essential organ in your body and is extremely important as it keeps your blood clean and regulated. It is suggested to have your blood tested twice every year. Here is a quick solution to get appointments from the best Hematologist in Lahore and the Best Hematologist in Karachi. Remember! Your health is all you have.


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