Tune-up Time: 5 Signs Your Business Needs an ERP System


Enterprise resource planning (ERP) is a type of software companies use to manage everyday activities like project management, supply chain operations, and accounting. Without such systems, business operations can be chaotic, and employees and customers suffer as a result. 

However, not every business owner or leader understands the value of ERP software, especially when they’re not sure how it functions and how their business could be improved with its use. If you’re not convinced that an ERP system is for you, here are some of the signs you need to implement it as soon as possible: 

You Frequently Misquote Jobs

Depending on your line of work, accurately quoting jobs can be challenging without a Pronto ERP system or similar. You might know how much your materials cost for a particular project, but the labor content can be hard to predict. 

ERP software can be a game-changer in this respect. With time, and as you collect more data, you can start to see patterns in the work you take on. Before you know it, you can be referring to past similar jobs you have performed to quote future jobs accurately. 

Your Inventory Tracking is a Shambles

Inventory tracking is crucial for knowing your stock levels and ensuring you always have enough for customer orders. Failure to manage your stock levels might mean holding onto costly goods for too long, tying up your cash flow. Worse, it can mean not having the stock needed to satisfy customer orders and so losing them to your competition. 

You’ll be pleased to know that ERP software can help. Such software provides complete control over inventory tracking so that you know your exact numbers and can make informed, data-driven decisions. 

Your Departments Don’t Communicate

All departments in large companies have important jobs to do, and these jobs can be very different from each other. However, as diverse as every employee’s role may be, they all relate to a single line of business. This means communication is paramount for customer and employee satisfaction

If each department in your workplace utilizes its own communication system and vital information falls through the cracks, it’s time to make a change. ERP software centralizes all customer and business information so employees can access the details they need, regardless of their department.

You Use Too Much Software

If you have to open several software programs to perform simple tasks in your workplace, this can signify that something has to change. Multiple software programs can be expensive to own, and they don’t always work in harmony with each other. 

You also often have to spend a significant amount of time training new employees to use all of them, which can be costly and laborious. Most modern-day ERP software systems are designed to offer a wide variety of functions, removing the need for multiple programs that everyone needs to learn how to use.

You Want to Grow

Many business owners would like to see their companies grow, but they don’t know how to make that happen. When you’re bogged down in time-intensive daily processes, it can also sometimes seem like you don’t have the time or potential for growth. 

Thankfully, ERP systems can refine internal business processes and improve overall productivity and performance. You will likely find yourself much better positioned than ever before for growth when you upgrade to ERP software. 

Welcoming new technology into your business can be daunting, especially when you haven’t made significant changes before. However, when you learn how beneficial enterprise resource planning software can be, you should be more inclined to make the call sooner rather than later.

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