Things to look out for when buying SARMs


If you want to purchase SARMs, know which is right for you first. There are different SARMs with different effects, potency, and experimental nature. Experts suggest that the best SARM to start with are Andarine, Ostarine, Ligandrol, and Testolone. Apart from choosing the best SARM, it is also important to choose a reliable source to buy it. It should be a legit company with a good reputation.

Take time to assess the vendor’s website, check their policies, testing and certifications along with customer reviews to make the right buying decision.

Here are some guidelines to follow when you want to buy SARMs:

Check the license of the website

Check the license of the supplier. Legal vendors will have a license to sell SARMs, and they will add it to the website to gain the trust of their customers.

Check the prices

Yes, vendors often have a major difference in the price listing of SARMs, but if the prices vary too much, either low or high, remember there is something suspicious. You should look for vendors that charge you reasonably for SARMs, considering the market value.

Assess reviews

Customer reviews should be taken very seriously when shopping for something like SARMs. Reviews on business websites, forums, and review websites can be relied upon. They are genuine reviews from genuine customers. Often companies post fake reviews to increase their positivity.

So, check out Facebook and Reddit reviews to learn about a SARM company. Most reviewers will mention their experience with the store, the SARM they used, and how it impacted their bodies. Once you know this, you can make a better buying decision. It also increases the vendor’s reliability and trust quotient.

Stay safe when using SARMs

Following the above guidelines, you can buy SARMs from a reliable store. However, when you start your cycle, you should follow these guidelines to ensure safety.

  • Make sure the SARM you’re using is 100% pure. Choose a vendor that presents purity reports and third-party testing certification to do.
  • When stacking SARMs, consider the amount you’re adding. Do not forget to alter the dosage when stacking. Often people overlook this, which leads to a higher dose.
  • Also, when stacking, do it depend on your goal. There are specific combinations suitable for bulking and some combinations recommended for cutting.
  • Check the length of your SARMs cycle. Do not increase it. If you’re a newbie, keep it short from 6-8 weeks, professionals can go for 10-12 weeks.
  • Always listen to your body. If you notice any side effects, consult a doctor immediately. Also, go for post-cycle therapy after using SARMs to bring your body to its original condition.

Remember, you’re your body’s advocate. Hence you need to do everything to keep it safe.


There are several online stores to buy SARMs from, but not all are legit. Hence, make sure you choose a reliable place to buy them. Golden SARMs is your one-stop solution to buy high-quality SARMs at the best price. Go ahead and place your order now.

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