Using an AI-powered platform, Fundguard is able to automate fund management and administration. This allows them to better serve their customers and reduce costs.

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Founded by Lior Yogev, a former Goldman Sachs and Radware alum, FundGuard is a cloud-based AI powered SaaS investment management platform that automates fund administration, improves investment performance and generates actionable insights. Its impressive client list includes some of the world’s largest asset managers, insurance companies and alternative funds. Its recent announcement of a strategic partnership with State Street Corporation represents a significant win for FundGuard. The two companies will be working together to build a next generation asset servicing operating system and improve the performance of state-of-the-art investments in real estate, private equity and infrastructure assets.

In the last year alone, FundGuard has doubled its global staff, landed its first marquee client and closed a $40 million Series B round of funding led by Blumberg Capital, a leading global asset management firm, and Team8 Capital, a leading investment banking firm. It has also been selected as a future growth company by Qumra Capital. Among other tidbits, FundGuard recently announced a new enhanced investment accounting solution, the industry’s first robo-advisory product, and a slew of new features and functionality to its core technology platform.

AI-powered platform

Powered by artificial intelligence, FundGuard is a next-generation SaaS platform for investment management. It can perform the complex task of managing investments across asset classes. The system is designed to be both scalable and future-proof. It also boasts the ability to generate actionable insights. Among other things, it can be configured to perform customizable thresholds for rules-based trading.

FundGuard’s AI-powered systems can detect unstructured financial anomalies. This is aided by the company’s use of modern cloud technologies. The system also supports a number of other functions, including reporting, reconciliation, and exception management. And it can help managers implement new products.

The company has a slew of investors, including Blumberg Capital, LionBird Ventures, and Mindset Ventures. The company has raised over $55 million in less than three and a half years. This includes initial investors, such as Citi, State Street Corporation, and Team8 Capital. In addition, FundGuard is announcing support for digital assets. And it has appointed a new president, John Lehner. In addition to the AI-powered platform, FundGuard will also launch an enhanced investment accounting solution.

Automates fund management and administration

Whether you’re a fund manager or an administrator, the role of technology is increasing. Technology helps you communicate with clients and make decisions. It streamlines processes, lowers costs and increases efficiency. It also creates a competitive advantage.

Robotic process automation (RPA) is one of the latest technologies that are rapidly making its way into the fund management and administration space. It’s a solution that automates repetitive tasks, freeing up human resources for more fulfilling tasks. It also streamlines fund administration flows, cutting processing errors and increasing portfolios.

RPA works by monitoring information, processing large amounts of data in short time frames, and reducing risks. It is also becoming an important component of investor onboarding. It provides a common user interface, allowing staff to work together in a streamlined manner. It also provides digital workflow management, exception-based process management, and data visualization tools.

The fund management industry is increasingly concerned about the shortcomings of legacy systems. These systems often lack the control and audit trail needed to ensure accuracy. In addition, the volume of data being collected and processed is growing faster than the capacity of the legacy systems. These factors are driving the drive towards RPA.

Disrupts legacy operating models

Powered by AI, FundGuard is an asset servicing platform that automates fund administration and helps asset managers make more informed decisions. It provides detailed reviews of holdings, cash, and corporate actions. It identifies anomalies and suggests operational improvements. It is a cloud-native platform that is constantly improving and evolving. It supports AI-based insights, operations automation, and migration to the cloud.

The global fund management industry has approximately half a quadrillion dollars in assets. The majority of these assets are managed with legacy, batch-based systems that are prone to error and non-scalable. Most incumbent systems do not offer real-time fund information, which is critical for cash management and risk management. FundGuard’s system is resilient in the face of industry transformation. It also allows for greater transparency and digital engagement.


FundGuard is powered by artificial intelligence, which can improve risk modeling and forecasting. It also provides greater transparency and lowers the costs of investment products. FundGuard also supports the digitization of the fund administration market.


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