Quick Tips About Marine plywood


Plywood is a thin type of a wood that has two layers joined together. They are used for many purposes including interior design

This article focuses on marine plywood which is  a type of wood made with Douglas fir wood and is generally considered water resistant.

Advantages of  Marine plywood

Water resistant

Marine Plywood is considered to be water resistant since it uses water to enforce it. It is one of the strongest type of wood.Plywood is used for the construction of boats and ships because of it’s water resistant quality. It is not water proof as many claim it to be and hence requires regular changing.

Ability to bend

This Plywood is the most sought type of wood because of many reasons and one of it is it’s flexibility. During construction the wood is bent in various shapes and sizes. This allows it to fit in small spaces and is convenient to the workers as it doesn’t have to be cut.


Plywood is easily available. Due to its many qualities it has become common among construction companies. The plywood is known in many countries so it is easily available. It is also sold at affordable prices around the world.


Marine plywood lasts longer than normal wood. The constructions built using plywood also last longer before they are replaced or done for renovation. Research has found that after using marine plywood a building or ship or boat will not require renovation for another decade or two. This shows that indeed this type of wood is durable.

Inability to harbor termites

Another advantage of plywood is that it does not harbor termites unlike other types of wood. It is also resistant to them. Plywood has a chemical that causes termites to steer clear of it.

 Easy to paint

During the finishing touches it is easy to paint plywood as compared to the other types of wood. Plywood is made soft this contributes to it being easy to paint. It also doesn’t use up a lot of paint during the process and saves money.


Plywood is expensive compared to other types of wood and construction materials. This is due to its many good qualities especially it being water resistant. This alone sometimes deters people from using it In order to save money for other items.

Breaks easily.

Due to its flexibility plywood is prone to break especially when it is being bent to fit into places. This has become an inconvenience to constructors as well as those who purchase it for building. It incurs more costs than anticipated.

Transportation inconveniences

Transportation of plywood has proved to be a difficult job because of the moisture in the wood. It tends to break and is sometimes heavy to carry.

Plywood is generally the most convenient type of wood compared to others. Thisarticle gives the advantages and disadvantages of plywood and hopefully it will help you choose wisely when you are ready to construct or change your mind if you have already started. Source https://marineboards.co.ke

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