Actress Mahiya Mahi has announced that she is pregnant. The news was announced on Monday night. Mahiya made her acting debut in 2012 with the film Bhalobashar Rong. She starred opposite Bappy Chowdhury and the film was declared a commercial and financial success.

Mahiya Mahi’s pregnancy

Mahiya Mahi has announced her pregnancy to her fans on Facebook. Though the actress denied reports of her impending motherhood, she has confirmed that she is pregnant and is experiencing the happiest time of her life. Many of Mahi’s fans have expressed their happiness and expressed their congratulations. Nipun and Dilara Hanif Purnima also congratulated her for becoming a mother.

Mahiya Mahi announced her pregnancy two months after getting married to businessman Rakib Sarker. The couple tied the knot on September 13, 2013 and celebrated their first wedding anniversary on Tuesday.

Her marriage

Actress Mahiya Mahi has confirmed that she is pregnant. Mahiya married businessman Rakib Sarker on September 13, 2013, and the couple celebrated the first anniversary of their marriage on Tuesday. While the couple has not yet given birth, they are thrilled to welcome their new addition into their family.

Mahia Mahi has confirmed the pregnancy news in an official Facebook post. She has not yet revealed the full details, but she is spending most of her time waiting for the arrival of her new guest. She has also been unable to work as her family is not allowing her to leave the house.

Her acting debut

Mahiya Mahi recently announced that she is expecting a baby. The actress, who made her acting debut in the film ‘Live’ with Symon Sadik, announced the pregnancy on her social media pages. Mahi has been married to businessman Rakib Sarker since September 2013 and the couple celebrated their first anniversary on Tuesday.

Mahia Mahi recently announced her pregnancy on Facebook. She was congratulated by friends and family, claiming it is the happiest time of her life. Her parents, Nipun and Dilara Hanif Purnima, also congratulated her.

Her wish to meet the Prime Minister

Mahiya Mahi has made it clear that she wants to meet the Prime Minister when she returns to her country. Mahi posted a status on Facebook last Tuesday saying that she wants to meet the Prime Minister in person and has many things to say to him. The actor whose voice can be heard in the audio clip said that he was recording the conversation with Mahiya Mahi about two years ago.

The remarks were not welcomed by all quarters and were met with a large amount of criticism, including from women’s rights groups, BNP supporters, and former Awami League female leaders. The remarks were particularly offensive, as they made it appear that Mahiya Mahi had a love life and would need a black man to love her.


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