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Theywantdonnie_, The 15 Year Old Instagram Entertainer Is From Brooklyn And Queens New York, Known For His Rich Lifestyle At His Age & His Rockstar Music & Potential Scam Activities.

He Is Currently Living In Georgia Atlanta & New York He Says, Which Is The Best Place For Recorded Scam Activities To Occur. His Music Is Definitely Different From Others Unlike All Normal Atlanta Artist, He Usually Screams His Lyrics & Uses Loud 808 Beats. More Compared To Soundcloud Artist [XXXTENTACION]. And He Says Himself That [XXXTENTACION] Is One Of His Biggest Inspirations Due To The Fact That They Have The Exact Same Birthday’s.
Theywantdonnie_ Is A Homeschooled Student As Of 2020-2022, Which Is Why He Says The Phrase “Everyday Is A Weekend To Me”. More About Theywantdonnie_ Phrases Also Display On His Jewelry. His Iconic (RCKSTAR4L) Cuban Chain, Costing Over $15,000 Is Another One Of His Most Known For Materialized Items.

Theywantdonnie_ Realistic Estimated Net Worth Is Around $100,000. Although Donnie Says That It’s Even More Then That.
He’s Been Getting His Recognition Alot Lately Surpassing 100k Followers On Instagram Which Is A Big Difference Compared To Most Average Artist. His Music Is Said To Be A Getaway From His Mental Problems In Life As We Have Seen Donnie’s Gothic Side In The Past.
The Fans & Community Really Want Him To Tell More About His Life In Person But Over Social Media We Get Very Little Personal Information As He Seems He’s Always Happy Living His Best Life.

His Top 3 Last Seen Songs We’re (JUST F*CKING BEAUTIFUL, D*CK POWER, NEGA-F*CKING-TIVITY). The Only Confusing Part Is That Now All Those Songs Are Gone From Any Of His Platforms & It Looks Like He Took Up A Passion For Fraud & Scams Instead. He Still Says That He Is Going To Make A Return & His Reasoning For Deleting Everything Is Because He Simply Got Bored & Was Only Doing It For The Money. Even After The Fact He Never Lost His Fanbase He Only Gained More As Time Went On & He Definitely Loves All His Fans Showing Support To There Messages Everyday.

Now Wether If He’s A Music Artist, A Scammer, Or Just A Loved Instagramer. He Will Still Be Loved By Thousands Around The World & People Will Forever Believe He Will Make A Return And Has High Potential To Become The Next Viral Artist, And If So, One Of The Youngest Independent & Richest One’s If Anything.

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