How to pay Bihar electricity bill online?


Monthly bill payment to mandate personal or organizational requirements is one of the most tedious jobs. It is witnessed that people scratch their heads while tracing or monitoring the balance, date, amount, and due penalties. But the major problem arises when you have to physically stand in the long queue to pay the electricity bill. It eventually derails and stops the plans created with the family members and the firm employers. To simplify the procedure, banking institutions and various players from the FinTech industry have come together to develop payment apps that offer you a better perspective regarding finances.

Ways to pay Bihar electricity bill online

  1. Banking Cards- Banking cards are conceived as the most extensively deployed online transaction method because of their optimal security, comfort, instant payment, and many more properties. The one main driver of debit or credit prepaid banking cards is that they can be clubbed with other accessible digital payment alternatives. For instance, the user can add all the necessary essential credentials in the digital payment platform or e-wallets to make the online cash-free transaction. Various BFSI institutions have emerged and simultaneously launched such prominent interfaces and applications to enhance customer experience. Lastly, banking cards can be considerably used for online shopping, PoS machines, transactions, and many more.
  2. AEPS- APES stands for Aadhaar Enabled Payment System. It enables users to perform all sorts of banking transactions like cash withdrawal, cash deposit, Aadhaar to Aadhaar fund transfers, balance inquiry, and many more. You just need to verify yourself via banking correspondent based on the Aadhaar card to carry out the online transaction easily. Because of such facilities, you are free from the tedious job of visiting the headquarters or branches for providing debit and credit cards while signing on the crucial documents. This service is accessible for those customers whose Aadhaar card number is registered in the BFSI sector where they hold an account. It is flexible to utilize AEPs effectively. To operate an AEPS facility, you must share and equip the merchant with the precise Aadhaar card number, that’s all. Your entire transaction procedure will get successfully completed within seconds.
  3. UPI Payment App- Unified Payments Interface (UPI) refers to a specially designed interoperable transaction solution through which any person with a bank account in their respective banks is eligible to receive or deliver money online via UPI applications. This exceptional platform allows users to flawlessly interconnect more than one bank account to initiate a money transfer. Furthermore, the customer can accumulate requests on a 24/7 basis for overall 365 days annually. The primary driver of the UPI payment app online transaction app is to transact money without needing an IFSC code or bank account. The virtual payment address (VPA) is the only component you need. Now UPI apps are ruling the digital payment world as the Indian government is taking major initiatives to promote the ideology and concept of a wallet and cashless payment. The UPI services are available in both android and iOS. To enjoy such services, you must ensure that you possess a registered mobile number and valid bank account, further linked with a similar bank account. Last but not least, there are zero or upfront transaction charges, and the customer can also implement the balance inquiry procedure. Additionally, your transaction details are digitally saved, and you can always refer to them at a later date.

Now, many consumers in the eastern state of Bihar may not be aware of the Bihar electricity bill payment procedures.

South Bihar Power Distribution Company Limited (SBPDCL) bill payment online is an internet portal that enables purchasers to pay the electricity bill online from all the four corners of Bihar, including Bankipur, Jamui, Munger, Patna, Sasaram, and Nawada. The application comprises brief invoice price alternatives, fee stores, and an online grievance choice for placing your query or troubles on the portal so they may be resolved seamlessly. Consumers can now use the online website of the Board or download a trusted app for payments of the bill online. As mentioned above, there are multiple choices of good and reliable apps that will help you complete the transaction safely and fast.

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