When you think of makeup, there is no one product or cosmetic that stands out from the rest. There are a lot of elements and ingredients that constitute makeup and blend together to give your face a flawless glow. A well applied foundation and nicely blended concealer can work wonders for your patchy and discolored skin, but they alone cannot hold your new face together for very long. This is because no matter how high quality your foundation or concealer is, they need to be held solidly in place with the help of powder.

Powder is a crucial ingredient of good makeup. Powder promises to hold and set your base of foundation in place while you apply other makeup to it such as eye makeup, blush, etc. In the absence of powder dusted on your foundation, applying such makeup is very difficult as in most cases; the blush doesn’t reflect well or gives a patchy look to your skin. Not surprisingly then, world over makeup artists and skin experts have argued the importance of dusting some tinted or translucent powder over your foundation to give your face an ethereal and natural glow that stays on for long.

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When buying your powder

Today, there are so many powders being sold in the market that it is, at times, confusing to understand as to which powder would suit you best. If and when you find yourself in such a confusion, the best thing to do is to take some time out and reflect on why you need such a powder and how do you plan to use it. There are different powders that rectify different skin ailments

For example, if you are prone to dark circles and are looking to conceal them with some concealer and powder then you need to buy some loose powder which can be lightly dabbed in the under eye area to better camouflage your concealer. Similarly, there are different kinds of powders available in the market for oily skin, dry skin and uneven skin tone to name the most popular ones.


That having said, the same shade and brand of powder may not suit all types of skin tones. That is why you should always try on your powder before buying it. Actually, the best thing to do is to buy your powder along with your foundation or concealer, depending on which one you use more often.


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