Going to set up a goldsmith workshop? Here are some things to know before taking any action!


The jewelry business in our country has given good financial income to those who decide to invest. Working with the manufacture and maintenance of these items is a job that should be done by those who understand and know the area well and that is why we will show you during the text how to set up a goldsmith workshop.

Jewelry is precisely the technique of making and maintaining jewelry. Because there are so many types, models, and specifications, only through great research can you succeed in this segment of the market.

If you are willing to invest in knowledge first to earn good money, this is your way. We will give you some tips that will help you start working with jewelry, be a good professional and establish yourself in the market.

I hope this reading helps you not only understand how to set up a goldsmith shop, but also gives you the missing incentive to start your business and work towards your own goals.

Take a goldsmith course!

This is the first point that I need to tell you, because there is no point in knowing the equipment or the structures, if you do not know the technique itself. To make money in a goldsmith shop, you need to become an expert in the field.

With a specified course, you will have the necessary foundation to understand how to set up a goldsmith workshop, or even to be able to work for other people. It teaches you techniques and processes specific to that profession. These are some of the topics you will find in the course

Execution process

Materials (stones, metals…)


Equipment and machines

How to laminate

How to fuse metals

How to prepare noble alloys and solders.

How to pass the wire in the row.

How to solder

How to polish

Something that is very important when looking for a course to do is to make sure that it is carried out by those who really understand the subject and are successful in the field. You can choose two ways to take the course

Book + DVD

Online course with video lessons.

If you are even interested in setting up a goldsmith shop, make sure this goldsmith course will help you understand the entire process, become a skilled professional to perform the tasks and this will result in advancements towards your success.

Basic structure of a goldsmith workshop.

What is most important in a workshop like this is organization. It doesn’t need a great location, but it should be well organized with process steps well divided into areas. It is also important that you have natural light to help during the jewelry making and maintenance processes. For your workshop to be efficient at work, it should be divided into three distinct areas (which can be arranged in the same space)

Tools that are regularly used such as a Rolling Mill, torch, pliers, scissors…

Tools used sporadically foundry, chemical products …

Tools used occasionally rolling mill, polishing, spindles.

Are you now ready to set a goldsmith workshop?

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