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You know a bully when you see one. They are all too common in any institution. They make your life miserable for no apparent reason. Do you remember your school days when you knew that one bully you tried to avoid at all costs? Guess what? He has evolved and is now part of your office team. He is here to make your life miserable once again. These bullies don’t change; they learn their skills from high school and carry forward the same mentality in adulthood. But, now that you are a grown adult, you will not take this bullying lying down. It is time to get up and stand your ground. But, before you can prepare to get your guards on, you must identify the bully. What makes one a bully? And how can you spot one? Continue reading to learn more about different types of bullies.

The Loud One: There is always this one person in the office who is unnecessarily loud. They love to make a scene over little things and play the victim card. Anytime they make a mistake, it is always someone else’s fault. These people are unpredictable and, therefore, unreliable. Never be friends with such people as they will gain your confidence and listen to what you say. The very next day, they will blame you for so many things and be loud about it.

  • They cause unnecessary drama in the office.
  • They play the victim card.
  • They are quick to accuse others without having any evidence against them.
  • These people are toxic and should be avoided at all costs.

The Gatekeeper: These people hold resources and make you look bad in front of others. These people are often forgetful. They will forget to let you know about the meeting, making you look bad for not attending the meeting. These people believe they should have authority over any situation. Thus, they go to great lengths to control and manipulate the situation.

The Offensive Joker: These people like to make others laugh. Laughing is all fun and games until they make an offensive joke. These office clowns do not know when to stop when it comes to jokes. They may make racial or sexual jokes in the office, which is highly inappropriate. People should not be made to feel uncomfortable by these clowns; the buffoonery must stop.

  • Often these jokers are high performers. Therefore, the authorities tend to let them make these little comments as long as they are efficient at their work.
  • When you complain against someone, make sure you are protected. You must not lose your job because you stood up for the right thing. Learn more about SEC whistleblower Program before you stir things up.

The Gossipers: Often, you will find people in the office who love to gossip. They seem like they are your best friend. They will come to you and gather information about you. Once they have enough information, they will spread the same among the rest of the office staffs. They may even make stories about you and tell the same to others. They will act as if they are your best friend, but they will call you names when you turn your back. They tend to ruin your reputation at the workplace and make you look inefficient in front of everyone.

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