Get to Know More and Concrete Mixer Machine and their Work in Kenya


A concrete mixer is a machine that uniformly combines cement, clusters such as gravel or sand, and water to make up concrete.

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Concrete mixer machines are often known as cement mixers. Theyuniformly combine gravel, sand or cement, and water to create a concrete. One of the first-ever concrete mixers was developed in 1900, which is common nowadays being used in construction sites. A typical concrete mixer machine uses a turning drum to mix the ingredients. The concrete mixer machine is preferred over hand mixing, which is usually done in a wheelbarrow.


A concrete mixer machine uses a turning drum to mix the components. This type of machine is usually being used at construction sites, enabling workers to have ample time to use the concrete before it hardens, thus making work easier.

Using a concrete mixer machine gives ample time to workers, thus providing an easy and quick mixing needed to produce concrete.  Regarding the application, the concrete mixer varies from portable concrete mixers to large concrete mixing trucks. A portable concrete mixer consists of a revolving drum, blades and motor. The components are added to the drum and rotated to mix them evenly to form a soft and smooth mixture.

Types of Concrete Mixer Machines

Continuous Mixer

In this type, continuous mixers feed the components into the drum, mix them and release the mixture continuously and simultaneously until the work is completed.

Batch Concrete Mixers

These concrete mixers form the most used type of mixers used for making concrete. Contrasting continuous mixers, the batch ones mix and release the concrete batch by batch at a time.

Twin-shaft mixers

This type is known for its short mixing and high-intensity mixing times which are used for high strength concrete.

Vertical axis mixers

This type of mixer cleans well and is recommended for colored concrete.

Concrete mixing transport trucks

Concrete mixing transport trucks are used for mixing concrete and transporting it to the construction sites.

Metered concrete trucks mixers contain water and concrete component materials to be mixed on the truck at the worksite to deliver and make concrete according to the amount required.

Portable and on-site concrete mixers

The portable mixer has a tow and wheels so that it can be towed by a motor vehicle around the worksite by hand, and its spinning is generated by electricity. The lever allows the concrete to be tipped into a wheelbarrow. The portable concrete mixer is one of the most affordable concrete mixer machine price in Kenya.

Self-loading concrete mixers

Self-loading concrete mixers are unmatched machines designated to mix, transport and batch concrete. They are made up of a turning drum fitted on a driven cab-mounted framethat is fixed with a loading container.


Concrete mixer machines are an important device that is used in construction sites to make work easier. They are environmentally friendly which should be considered. For more, check

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