Important details on the varieties of Safety shoes


When talking about safety shoes the main idea is all about the users’ safety. Well, security has always been the top priority. The safety shoes aim to protect the user from slips, falls, and even burns. They are also highly beneficial in protecting from fatigue, keeping the user safe from extreme weather conditions, and one of the most important ones of all, saving the user from electric hazards.

Safety shoes are one of the most valuable discoveries made in the world of industrialization. Talk about warehouses, industries, and even laboratories, the impact of safety shoes is evenly essential. All in all, we must agree that safety has to come first.

Through this article, we shall look into types of safety shoes recommended by sports podiatrists and the various types of professionals requiring them, and most importantly the best type for each.

Types of  safety shoes in Kenya

1. Composite safety shoes and boots

These are safety shoes similar to the steel toe cap boots but the difference comes in on the type of material they are made of. They are made of composite materials, just as the name states. They are therefore made from carbon, fiber, and Kevlar aramid fiber.

2. Metatarsal safety shoes

In accordance to similarity, they can be compared to the steel cap toe safety shoes and also the composite shoes but they are better of in a way. They include a protective plate covering the metatarsal area of the foot. It is recorded to have one of the most affordable safety shoes price in Kenya.

3. ESD safety shoes

They are generally the best for electricians as they offer protection from static charge. They are made in a way that allows the user to handle flammable items without ignition risks. Due to their high protection power, they are noted to have the most expensive safety shoes price.

Different professions and the best shoe type to carter for their professional need

1. The truck drivers

They often handle heavy machinery and also move heavy objects. The metatarsal safety shoes are good for them. They help to prevent heavy objects from rolling on their feet. Using boots rather than shoes can be a good point of consideration for maximum safety.

2. Electricians

The best shoes are the ESD type. These shoes provide protection preventing any form of static charge from affecting both the electrician and the products being handled. If working on a day-to-day basis then the metatarsal shoes will be appropriate but when conducting very heavy machinery and electrical work then the boots will do.

3. Roofers

From moving on top of buildings to repair the damaged roof and building parts to installing materials such as cement and clay, the metatarsal safety shoe type is best for them. The average grip they need on top of buildings as well as the foot protection needed is provided.

4. Constructors

This job sector majorly handles heavy materials management, accidents due to poor safety shoe selection is a major problem. For better protection opt for metatarsal shoes for upper foot protection and the ankle and leg protection opt for safety boots.

5. Engineers

They are encouraged to use the ESD safety shoes and boots. They mainly have an encounter with electric materials. Welders are also included in this category. However, if there is no contact with charges, then the steel or composite toe cap boots will suffice.

6. Restaurants

Lightly, those working as average waiters do not necessarily require safety shoes, however,  those working in the kitchen department, require protection. They need average protection from accidental cuts from objects such as knives. They are a minority group but for cautiousness, they do need safety shoes.


To have average protection from accidents, then the use of safety shoes is necessary. One should just consider what they averagely want, it can either be safety shoes or boots. The shoes are lighter and more comfortable but the boots are heavier and most importantly, safer. Safety shoes are and should remain a priority in all the appropriate environments.

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