Steel doors are doors made from a polystyrene core and steel skin on top. If the door was to be solid steel it would be very heavy and would probably tear out the hinges.In the article below, we’ll discuss in detail everything one needs to know about steel doors and their advantages as used in Kenya.


Steel doors are used mostly as entry doors, to mean that they are the primary access points to our homes and so theyare needed to be highly secure, attractive and reliable. Apart from steel doors there are other options and before a person settles for one, they are advised to do a thorough research. Steel doors, however, have stood the test of time and proved to be really reliable.

Advantages of Steel Doors

They Are Easy to Maintain

Steel doors are easier to maintain because they require little to no checking. They do not rot or warp like wood doors would. They do not need constant repairs as they change permanently when exposed to temperature fluctuations.

They Are Durable

Depending on the material, entry doors can be very expensive to fix. With steel doors one doesn’t need to worry about that because they are durable and they can withstand anything.Steel doors last longer than any other type of doors, they do not rot orwarp and so the home owner wouldn’t need to worry about repairs or buying a new door.

They Block Out Any Noise

Steel doors effectively block out loud noises and aids in maintaining the serenity of the home. It makes the home cosy and relaxed. When noise is blocked out, the house feels more private and secure and the owner feels safer.

They Are Customizable

According to Steel doors Kenya, steel doors can be designed and modified to the customer’spreference. All doors can be customised as well but steel doors have a high tolerance and durability and so any designs or shapes can be crafted onto it without fear of damage. They can also be painted whichever colours the homeowner wishes and it gives the person a feeling of ownership and satisfaction.

They Are Cheaper and Affordable

Wood doors are very expensive unlike steel doors which are cheaper and hence easier to acquire. Steel doors come in different sizes and are highly affordable .They are also readily available in most parts of the country.

They Are Energy Efficient

Steel doors tend to have close to 5 times insulating factor than wood doors. In steel doors there are two major components that ensure energy efficiency; being foam and thermal adhesives. The high-grade thermal adhesives are used in joints and connections of the door and it changes the highly conductive steel and transforms it into an energy retainer.


In conclusion, the steel doors are highly recommendable because of the very many advantages they has over all other door types as very clearly discussed in the article above.


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