Everything You Need to Know About May Chang Essential Oil


May Chang essential oil is taken from the Litsea Cubeba plant and comes with a host of benefits. Also called the Chinese Pepper or Mountain Pepper, the Litsea Cubeba happens to be a deciduous tree. It is from the Lauraceae family and comes from Indonesia, China, and a couple of other parts of South-east Asia. In fact, Litsea Cubeba is the botanical name of this plant and the oil is usually called by this name.

What exactly is May Chang essential oil?

This essential oil comes from the fruits of the tree that look a lot like pepper. The same oil can also be derived from the buds and leaves, and this one is known to have a better quality than that of the fruits. May Chang essential oil is made by the steam distillation process, and the enticing aroma of this oil makes it highly popular in the perfume and cosmetic industry.

It has a medium strength fragrance, which has a distinctive refreshing fruity undertones with a lemony smell. The nice and crisp smell of the oil is usually compared to lemongrass, though the latter is not as sweet as May Chang.

The traditional usage of May Chang essential oil

May Chang, native to China, has been used widely in Chinese medicine and herbal remedies for centuries. This oil is an amazing natural remedy to keep different skin concerns at bay. The oil is highly valuable in the cosmetic industry due to the skin-enhancing qualities.

Loaded with the goodness of natural ingredients, this oil can leave the skin a lot smoother and softer than before. The sweet lemon-like smell of the oil, including its uplifting nature, come together to make it a great aromatherapy oil.

The wonderful benefits of May Chang essential oil

There are a host of benefits of using May Chang essential oil, and here’s outlining all those for you:

Benefits of using May Chang essential oil for your skin:

This essential oil makes the perfect skin tonic for refreshing and nourishing the skin. With the mild astringent qualities, May Chang oil is specifically useful for acne-prone and oily skin. It works efficiently in cleansing the skin and removing extra oiliness. The oil is a common ingredient in the commercial skincare formulations to fight oily skin.

This May Chang oil skin benefits offers a firming impact on the skin that makes it look radiant. A couple of drops of this oil can be put in your preferred moisturizer to improve its effectiveness. The skin clarifying capacity of the oil makes it the ideal ingredient to fulfill your wish to get a flawless skin.

Benefits of using May Chang oil in diffusers and aromatherapy:

May Chang oil is popular for the top note fragrances it has, along with a stimulating aroma. This oil has the ability to lift up the mood of any space. Just add a couple of drops of this oil to the diffuser, and it will work wonders in creating a fresh ambience in the space. The sweet and lemony fragrance of this oil makes it a chosen oil in the perfumery sector as well.

Aromatherapists refer to this oil as the “oil of tranquility.” May Chang essential oil can blend well with the citrusy oils, along with making an amazing combination with the kind of essential oils that are herb-scented. It blends with a wide range of oils, such as basil, rose, orange, geranium, ylang-ylang, lavender, and so on. It is always a good idea to experiment with different blends to get a fragrance that’s perfectly suited to your needs and sensibilities.

The chemical composition of May Chang oil is a lot like that of lemongrass minus the harsh undertones. As this oil happens to be more stable than the lemon oil, which is extensively utilized in aromatherapy.

Also, the natural deodorizing qualities of oil and the soothing nature can help you to form a relaxed ambience. May Chang oil can be mixed with other relaxing essential oils, such as clary sage. It is possible to uplift the mood of a tired and dull space with the refreshing fragrance of May Chang and lavender oil.

Other popular uses of May Chang essential oil:

May Chang oil also contains potent insect-repelling qualities. It can be used along with some water to make a wonderful spray that keeps the bugs away. Also, the oil is an excellent insect deterrent and provides a natural alternative to the chemical-based oils. May Chang oil smells amazing and makes sure that your home is completely free from pesky insects. All you need to do is to add a couple of drops of this oil to a candle and the pests will be effectively kept at bay.

May Chang oil is usually combined with your regular body lotion, shampoo, and liquid body washes to improve its benefits and fragrance. Also, this essential oil is useful in adding some lemony fragrance to household cleaning solutions.

Selecting high-quality essential oil for your benefit

Regardless of whether you are a seasoned or a new buyer of essential oils, it’s crucial to make informed decisions while purchasing such products. Though essential oils are known to be effective, a wide range of available options often makes it hard to select the right product. To start with, keep in mind that there are several synthetic essential oils that have none of the benefits mentioned above. You need to assess the purity standard of the oil to make sure that you are making the right choice.

Any adulterant can immensely affect the capacity of the essential oil. This factor makes it crucial for you to purchase oils solely from a known and reliable brand. With high-quality, pure oil, you are assured of getting all the benefits.

The endnote

And that’s all you need to know about May Chang essential oil and its uses. It is time to test out the product for yourself! So, go ahead and give this essential oil a try and enjoy its multiple benefits yourself.

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