Legal Consequences You Can Face For A Hit And Run Accident


Car accidents usually make people anxious and think about paying for damage and injuries and insurance rates that can go up. When no one is negligent in an auto collision, it can lead to additional and serious consequences like criminal charges. 

The effect of hit and run case crime is with the aftermath rather than its cause. The elements of a hit and run case are if the driver involved in the crash failed to stop at the collision scene, provide identification or provide assistance to an injured person in the accident. A car accident attorney in Fort Wayne, IN, can provide you with legal service in a hit-and-run case.

Legal consequences you can face for a hit and run case

Hit and run cases often involve accidents between cars, but they can also affect a vehicle striking:

  1. A bicyclist
  2. A pedestrian
  3. A parked car
  4. Stationary property

If an accident involves striking a parked cat, it can become challenging to locate the owner. In such cases, most state laws require the driver to leave a note mentioning their contact information and report it to law enforcement. The driver has to be aware of the collision in order to be liable for not stopping, offering help, or providing identification. Now we know ignorance is a tough defense to initiate.

Even drivers who were not at fault can commit hit and run. For example, if a driver hits a pedestrian while the signal is green. The driver still has to stop at the scene, offer aid, and provide identification. 

Uncommon cases like if someone was not driving at the time of an accident can also be held liable for hit and run. For example, if a passenger goes away by taking the wheel from an accident site can be guilty. Even a passenger who persuades the driver to flee from the accident spot can be held guilty and face criminal charges.

Penalties for hit-and-run cases

The law states stiff punishment for hit and runs cases, but specific penalties vary in different states. In some states, hit and run cases cause property damage, asking for a felony charge. If no one were injured in the collision, the cost would be unfair. 

A driver involved in a hit and run case could face problems like:

  1. A civil lawsuit was filed by another party to the accident.
  2. Penalties from the state department of motor vehicles.
  3. Increase in an auto insurance premiums

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