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Setting the bar high, globally, through its holistic GMAT prep assistance and MBA admission consulting, Experts’ Global has been a boon to students from over 50 countries worldwide. Since its humble beginnings in 2008, the firm has established a reputation for unmatched mentorship.

GMAT Prep Program

Experts’ Global is a visionary in providing GMAT aspirants with help through its online, on-demand GMAT preparation program. By putting together over 300 concept-clearing videos and over 4000 practice questions in this program, the Experts’ Global offering replicates the GMAT feel, fully. The question structure, concept extent, and complexity of tests are the same as the GMAT’s, and the visual content in the firm’s online testing interface, in terms of its screen layout, controls, and color schema replicates the GMAT. A valuable addition is an on-screen timer that turns red when a student is stuck too long on a question. Holistically, the program attempts to recreate the GMAT experience!

Mock Tests

The 15-part GMAT mock tests in the Experts’ global GMAT prep program are the foundation of its utility to students. Experts’ Global’s GMAT-like interface for its test series is the first step in enhancing student performance, followed by the insights of its built-in analytics. By analyzing student performance over many mocks, the metrics at play outline a student’s strengths and weaknesses, time-sensitive concepts, and general speed and accuracy, et al.

Live Classroom Program

Alongside its online prep program, Experts’ Global also provides students with a potent live classroom program. Weekend classes by Mr. Srivastava, the Experts’ Global Founder, give students access to a wealth of GMAT prep nuances. The vast majority of the program’s alumni rate Mr. Srivastava’s advice and teachings highly, and speak of his sharp GMAT mastery as a 99th percentiler on the test. The students also enjoy complete access to the Experts’ Global online training program.

MBA Admission Consultancy

Experts’ Global’s commitment to making sure each of its students is understood and best mentored by the team distinguishes its MBA admission consultancy. This commitment is sustained by the company’s boutique structure, and its limited annual student intake makes sure each student gets tailored admissions guidance. The company’s unique  “End to End Admission Consultancy” outlook means that its students have a sure friend through each step of the admissions process. The firm’s constant personal drive to ensure each student’s success has elevated its alumni to each of the top one-hundred and fifty business schools worldwide.

ISB Admission Consultancy

While the Experts’ Global team has succeeded at mastering each prestigious B-school’s admissions process, they specialize in the Indian School of Business, or ISB. Since most Indian MBA seekers target ISB as a top choice, the company has made sure that its admissions consultants know every inch of the school’s intake process. The sureness of this knowledge is reflected in Experts’ Global winning interview calls for 9 in 10 of its ISB applicants.

Training for Admission Interviews

Experts’ Global is set apart by the completeness of its MBA admission consultancy, completeness that also manifests a polished interview prep module. MBA interviews can be the most important step to the MBA vision, and so Experts’ Global has come up with an interview training program to help students in their hour of need. The program is based on a healthy working relationship between a student and their interview mentor, and starts with the student absorbing lessons from a 15-part video series on the basics that make an MBA admissions interview performance excellent. Thereafter, a questionnaire compiling the 30 questions most likely to crop up in an MBA interview is tackled by the student. The answers therein provide the basis for the mocks thereafter, as the interview mentor designs them to fill in the student’s particular gaps. Each mock is tied off by a frank mentor-mentee feedback round.

Yearly, many an MBA aspirant has found a sure guide to their targeted MBA at Experts’ Global, empowered by its GMAT training and MBA admission consultancy. The company remains a leader in shaping student’s lives!

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