Different Types of Electrical Sockets and Uses of Multipin Plug Sockets


Multipin plug sockets are very useful in the house as well as offices. But it is not necessary that all kinds of switches and sockets can be used anywhere. It is important to understand where you require which type of multipin plug socket and switches as every type of switch and socket is made for different purposes. Let us know the basic functionalities of different types of sockets.

Types and Uses of Electrical Sockets

Electrical sockets have become an essential need as there are various portable electronic devices we are simultaneously using in our daily lives. They act as a transfer channel of current to various electronic appliances without causing any damage to the device. There are many multipin plug sockets that you are using in your country that may not be useful in another country because of their design so, you need to be very careful before buying one. Due to this, the electrical sockets are available in different shapes and sizes but they all are used for the same purpose. Another important thing to notice is the voltage capacity of the socket. That may also differ from one country to another for example, in India the voltage capacity of a 3-pin plug socket is 6A / 250V.

Majorly, four types of electrical sockets are used by almost everyone nowadays. These sockets are:

  1. Two-pin Socket: As the name suggests, this socket has two connection slots where a 2-pin plug of any electrical device can be inserted. The socket is provided with an underground connection to avoid any shock or damage to the device.
  2. Three-pin Socket: This socket has three connection slots with a ground pin which helps in preventing the device from any damage due to loosening of wire. The loose wire may cause an electric shock to the person using it but due to the ground pin, it is easily prevented.
  3. Five-pin Socket: This socket has five connection slots which is a combination of two pins and three pins. These sockets are useful for both types of devices i.e., those have two-pin plugs and three-pin plugs.
  4. Universal Sockets: Different countries have different electrical connections and it becomes difficult to carry different sockets for various electronic devices at the same time. The universal socket is the single socket made as per international standards. These sockets are compatible with the plugs used in European and American countries.
  5. Multipin Plug Sockets: These are the combination of 2-pin, 3-pin, 5-pin, and sometimes USB connections and are compatible with international standards of connections as well. As these sockets are the combination of all the sockets, it is a single solution that everyone is looking for to connect their various devices at the same time. They are designed to carry that much power and with all the safety measures to avoid any casualty. People often misunderstand that if they connect multiple devices to the multiple pin plug socket at the same time, there may be a chance of a short circuit but these are designed to handle such situations.Visit Allied Connectors.

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