Everyone enjoys living in a clean environment. Some different methods and devices are used for cleaning different areas. The method of choice or the device to be used depends on many factors which the user should consider. This article will focus on vacuum cleaner machines.

A vacuum cleaner is a moveable machine that applies the principle of suction to collect dirt or dust particles. A vacuum cleaner can be either wet vacuum clear, dry vacuum cleaner, or wet and dry combined in one machine.

They have two devices that are used for the separation of the dry dust and the wet spits. This machine is best for uses in flat places that may experience frequent spills, or that may be damp. Additionally, this machine can blow using its nozzle to reach the areas in far corners.

The working mechanism

Since the machine is powered by electricity, the inner area is isolated and placed in separate chambers to avoid electrocution and any chances of damage. At the top of the collection chamber is the motor unit of the machine.

There is a fan whose primary purpose is to draw air using a small pipe. When air flows at high speed, it causes suction; hence the particles are picked up and taken to the collection tank. The particles are allowed to settle at the bottom as the air escapes from the top in the collection tank.

Wet only vacuum cleaner.

This is designed to collect water or any spillage on the surfaces. The liquid is pumped into the collection bucket or out of the area using pipes. These vacuum cleaners should be used in areas with frequent spillage or cleaned by using a liquid cleaner.

Dry only vacuum cleaner.

This is designed for dry cleaning areas. It can work on both hard surfaces and soft surfaces. They are designed to suck up dirt and dust particles from the surfaces. The machines are equipped with filters which may be HEPA filters or ultra-low particulate air. The air is passed through the filters, which trap impurities and allow clean air to escape.

Wet and dry vacuum cleaner.

It has two chambers that separate solids from any liquid by putting them in different buckets. This machine combines the features of wet only and dries only in one. A wet and dry vacuum cleaner Kenya is the best choice for multi-function purposes or for cleaning areas that may need dry or wet cleaning.

The machine is the best for flexible cleaning purposes. This machine is designed to help tackle water spillage issues, clearing hard surfaces, cleaning carpets, or even curtains. Also, it can be used to clear paths by blowing the leaves to a given place or into the machine.


The vacuum cleaner to choose depends on the area and the cleaning performed. All the vacuum cleaners run on the same principle; thus, they work the same. When using any vacuum cleaner, the manufacturer’s instructions should be followed to ensure the machine’s high performance.


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