What To Consider When Buying a New Ladder


A ladder is a tool that has made trying to access objects at a higher height less of a frustration. This makes it an essential commodity to own. If you are thinking of buying one, there are various factors to consider. This article informs you on all you need to know to focus solely on decision making.

Using the confines of your home as an example, vertical space has been utilized for storage, resulting in a more spacious environment. Consequently, it becomes more of a hassle trying to reach these storage areas like cabinets. Owning a ladder is therefore necessary for overcoming this challenge. The uses of a ladder are not limited to the home; they are also used in construction and even farming activities. Regardless of your need for a ladder, are you aware of the following factors before purchasing one?

Major Types of Ladders

Rigid Ladders- these require to be supported by a vertical surface like a wall; the self-supporting type has a large surface area to increase stability.

Rollable Ladders- these are flexible, made possible by the material used. Commonly made of aluminium or rope, they are hung on a higher surface and are preferred for their portability.

Factors to Consider

Type of Material Used

Aluminium-this is an excellent material for fixed ladders; its durability, strength and flexibility enable it to withstand tremendous weight effortlessly. Its lightweight nature is suitable for back and forth movements. However, avoid it when dealing with electric works as it is a good conductor of electricity and may be risky.

Wood- these have substantial benefits, almost like aluminium ladders and fortunately poor conductors of electricity. Unfortunately, they are pretty hefty and inappropriate in constant movement.

Fibreglass- this one is a bit costly as it combines the good qualities of wood and aluminium ladders. It is robust, durable and doesn’t conduct electricity, which is excellent for outdoor activities.


It’s a universally acknowledged fact that your budget ultimately makes the final decision regardless of the quality or type of object you desire. A ladder for sale in Kenya has its price determined by its size and the type of material used to make it. However, don’t compromise quality because you lack enough funds; most shops offer an instalment based payment method that could benefit you.


Weight is essential if you have to move around with your ladder to get the work done. Contrary to popular opinion, purchasing a heavier ladder doesn’t guarantee top-notch quality and safety; it could easily cause muscle strain and fatigue. Advancement in technology has enabled the manufacture of lightweight, quality and safer ladders. Don’t settle; ensure you get a suitable ladder for your work application.

Load Capacity

Load Capacity entirely depends on the work application. It is unnecessary and a waste of money to purchase a 300-pound load capacity ladder for simple home activities. Ladders are rated according to the intensity of the load they can support. Before going ‘ladder shopping’, be specific with your intent for purchasing one.


Just like a car is taken for a road test, a stability test is also necessary for a ladder. Try climbing on it and see how stable it is and whether you can trust it to take care of you when you are a couple of meters off the ground.

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