Consider your options before renting a home


Is it convenient for you to be here?

Is it worth it to spend 45 minutes on a 45-minute trip, with a train that ends at 9pm? That’s a lot of time that may be better spent elsewhere. You should always assess your commuting times and the accessibility of the areas you usually visit. Most likely, your buddies will not bother making an evening effort to meet together, if getting to them is too difficult. Not only will you be more irritable and exhausted when you get up two hours earlier to go to work, but you may also find yourself arriving late more often, which isn’t a good image at the workplace. If you are looking for real estate jobs in dubai, please visit our website.

Are you able to pay for the house?

There’s nothing more frustrating than scouring the market for the perfect home only to discover that it’s not within your means. This begins a gradual rise in pricing, leading you to believe that you can afford a place that just isn’t viable. Calculate your monthly rent, but don’t stop there – have a look at the council tax, and inquire about the usual utility costs. Take a look at the appliances in use, the kind of heating, and the presence of double-paned windows.

Are there any other fees?

The rates and expectations of various estate agents might be hard to remember, but if you’re currently renting from the same estate agency, you may be able to obtain a discount. You’ll be well-known to them by this point.

Are you satisfied with the current situation?

On a warm summer day, it is difficult to envision what a wet, mouldy, draughty house may look like in the winter. Similarly, if you’re looking at a house in the winter and it’s well insulated, you may not notice that it has poor ventilation or that there are always loud neighbours down the street. In other words, treat the rental property with the same level of scrutiny you would give a potential purchase. Ask whether any problems will be addressed before your tenancy starts.

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Is this the perfect time?

In spite of the fact that the rental market moves swiftly, don’t accept a tenancy start date that’s too early. Moving your belongings into a new apartment is sometimes made easier by a little overlap with the prior lease, but don’t add additional fees to your new rental simply because the agency wants to let it from a specific date. Don’t be pushed into accepting a date that doesn’t work for you; instead, find out when the available time is and how much wiggle room there is.

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