A knapsack sprayer is a farm tool that makes work easier when pumping or applying insecticides and pesticides. It also comes in handy in fumigation.

This article focuses on the knapsack sprayer. The operator carries the sprayer on his back hence the name knapsack sprayer. Purchasing a quality and durable sprayer is, by far, every buyer’s priority. This article can act as a reference when looking to purchase one.

Tools that make work easier in every sector are necessary for increased productivity. The knapsack sprayer specifically saves time by covering a large area quickly.

Listed below are some of the components that aid in the efficiency of the sprayer.


The nozzle is responsible for breaking the fluid into fine droplets. This is made possible by the nozzle disc. The swirl plate is also a part of the nozzle, which swirls the liquid to the disc. These nozzles differ in size to determine the exact amount to be sprayed.

Spray gun

It is a handheld pipe to which the nozzle is fitted. This is where the operator holds when doing the spraying.


This is where the pesticide is held. It is mostly flat or bean-shaped and is made of brass or PVC material. The tank needs to be of good resistance quality against things like corrosion. Therefore the material used to make it should be quality. The tank size varies from one sprayer to the other, but the opening should be wide enough to ease the filling.

Pressure gauge

A pressure gauge is usually calibrated to guide the operator when adjusting the pressure at work. The pressure within which the liquid is delivered is displayed.

Pressure regulator

Its main function is to serve as a safety device by automatically unloading the excess pressure. Additionally, it modifies pressure as necessary for just about any spray application.

Knapsack sprayer weight

Different manufacturers produce different weights even though the materials are the same. This is what determines the knapsack sprayer price in Kenya. Heavier equals better quality and durability.


This is a sprayer device that helps move the fluids to the spray gun. However, a pressure relief valve is needed to protect the pump from damage when the discharge line is closed and also for the operator’s convenience.


A valve regulates the fluid flow by opening or closing. There are three types of valves; bypass, cut-off, and relief. They all work hand in hand to ensure a smooth flow of the fluids within a predetermined pressure range.


This is the device that stirs the solution in the tank. Positive agitation is essential for spraying materials to ensure that you optimize the powdery emulsions.

Overflow pipe

As the name suggests, the device is a pipe through which excess fluid is bypassed into the chemical tank by the action of a relief valve.


The density of the material of the knapsack sprayer should be your key point when considering purchasing one. This article outlines the various parts of the sprayer and its functionality; hence can be a great reference point.


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