As you move from class 9 to 10, the English course becomes more advanced, as compared to previous years. The English grammar and literature you learn and understand in class 10 help you accelerate your communication skills and subject understanding. Class 10 is an important grade in every student’s life as this is the first time they give board exams.

At this stage of your schooling, everyone expects you to study and prepare for your exams yourself. You may join coaching classes to support your studies, as they can help you gain a better understanding of each subject. 

English plays a crucial role in building your future and in enhancing your vocabulary and communication skills. In today’s time, the English language has its importance in every field. It is an effective way of communicating with people belonging to different regions. If you can speak and write English well, you can have effective communication with your seniors, colleagues, classmates or others.

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Class 10 English helps you make your vocabulary efficient and effective. You have to put your efforts in the right direction, to help yourself enhance your grammar. Class 10 English curriculum is according to the NCERT guidelines, and there are several reference books that you can refer to for studying English. 

Marking Scheme for Class 10 English Exam

It is essential to go through the marking scheme of the CBSE Class 10 English exam, as it will help you prepare and devote your time in the right direction. You can focus on the essential topics very well. The marking scheme for class 10th English examinations is as follows:

  • There are three sections in the English exam – Section A, Section B, and Section C. 
  • Each section carries questions with different marks. 
  • Section A is the Reading Section, in which you will get unseen passages and questions related to that. This section is of 20 marks. 
  • Next comes Section B, the writing section, where your writing skills and grammar are tested. It is also for 20 marks. 
  • In Section C, you will get questions related to your Literature Reader and chapters. It will be for 40 marks.

Books for Class 10 English

The best books you can refer to for Class 10 English are as follows:

  1. First Flight (Class 10 English Textbook)
  2. Footprints (Supplementary Reader)
  3. Words and Expressions 2

These are the best books that students can refer to, as prescribed by CBSE. You can read these books thoroughly to enhance your understanding of the course structure according to which your teacher will teach you during your 10th class. 

These books will be available to you during the whole year of your curriculum. You can also get several questions to practice each chapter and poem from all the books, on different online portals. Vedantu First Flight class 10 pdf offers you solutions to the chapters and the poems you will come across in the book. You can also practice these questions to understand the proper formatting of the answers to score good marks in your exams.

Besides these books, there are several other supplementary books that you can refer to. These books serve different purposes, and according to your area of focus and interest, you can choose these books. The supplementary books that are easily available in the market are:

  1. English Communicative by author and publisher Oswal
  2. English language and literature by author and publisher Together with
  3. All in One English language and literature (CBSE Class 10) by author and publisher Arihant
  4. Xam Idea complete course English (CBSE Class 10) by author and publisher VK Global
  5. High school English Grammar and Composition book by author and publisher Wren and Martin

Each of these supplementary books serves a different purpose. If you want to practice enough questions for all the chapters as well as the poems, you can go for Xam Idea. This book contains several questions for each chapter for you to practice as much as you can. 

If you wish to enhance your grammar, sentence formation and composition, High School Grammar and Composition by Wren and Martin is the best book. This book enhances your grammar skills and keeps your vocabulary updated. Grammar plays a vital role in the English Language. You will get marks on your answers only if your grammar is correct. Only correct grammar gives meaning to words written. If you feel you are lacking in grammar and need to practice questions and mock tests on them. You can go for this supplementary book. You will get enough questions to practice each grammar topic thoroughly. 

You may worry about what type of questions may be asked in the exam or whether you will be able to understand the question in the exam or not? Such questions arise in each student’s mind while preparing for their exams. It is a very normal thing. The straightforward solution to overcome this fear is to practice every type of question. If you practice as many questions as you can, you won’t be unaware of any questions. Books like All in One from Arihant and Xam Idea from VK Global serve this purpose. This book has enough of the questions of all types that you can practice while preparing for your examinations. 

English Communicative by Oswal can help you to enhance your communication skills. In today’s time, you should have good communication skills so you can comfortably communicate with others. This book contains many unseen comprehensions and passages that will enhance your reading. Your vocabulary and accent can also be enhanced with this book. Daily reading can gradually help you improve your English. 

NCERT reference books for class 10 English can be very helpful for practising and learning the concepts well. You can get the most benefits from them when used properly. They will help you in scoring good marks in your Class 10 English examinations.

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