Are Slots Online truly random? 


Over the past few years, slots have truly established themselves as the top casino game. With online casinos like working hard to accommodate the hordes of players, the profits from slot gambling are reaching all-time highs.

Amid the slot craze lies a question often asked by slot players. Slots can give and they can take. It isn’t uncommon to hit an unlucky streak when playing slots and watch your bankroll take a beating. From time to time, players ask whether online slots are truly random or not. Despite the many answers, you could find online which state that slots are random, we think there is something to be said on the topic that you haven’t heard before. Keep reading as we share our insights with you.

Does the house have an edge? 

Just like all businesses, casinos exist to make a nice profit for the owners. What doesn’t come as a surprise is the existence of the house edge. House edge is the term used to describe the way casinos make their profits. This is how casinos have functioned since the first casino opened its doors. Casino games are random by nature, but online games are made to keep a small percentage of the money wagered by players. This percentage is called the house edge and is often in the margin of 2% – 4%.

Casinos do not typically reveal their house edge to players but you can guess what it might be by inspecting the RTP of the games you play. You will want to go for a high RTP, which leaves less space for the house edge and means a higher chance of winning. Some of the best slots will have an RTP of 95% and above, while those under 90% in RTP are best avoided unless they offer extra features like a progressive jackpot.

The house edge is proof that a percentage of your bets will stay with the casino. But does the house edge impact the randomness of online slots? 

RNG – The Ultimate Guarantor 

Online slots are completely random. This is ensured by the use of the random-number-generator (RNG). This computer program creates series of random numbers on which the outcome of every spin is based. The RNG creates hundreds of new numbers within a second and the outcome of your spin is decided the exact moment that you hit “spin”.

As we can see, online slots truly are random on the basis of which they work. But can the game be impacted by anything else? 

Volatility, variance and previous play 

Volatility/variance is a measure of risk. A highly volatile game will have a long series of low-paying, or zero return spins followed by random bigger wins. A game with a low volatility index will return money to the player more often but in smaller amounts.

When the game strays away from its RTP, it will be set to come back to balance. Meaning that you might expect a dry spell after a big win, or some size of a payout after a dry spell. 


  • Online Slots are completely random because they use the RNG.
  • However, your game can be impacted by a low RTP, which means the house edge will be higher.
  • Your game can theoretically be impacted by previous play, but in practice all slots can take an exception from this rule as they are random.

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