Brief Introduction

Xbit Coin is a cryptocurrency that was created with online gaming in mind. Even though this coin can still be used for financial transactions, its primary application is in online gaming. Xbit was created specifically for the online Casino Xbit. This online casino possesses all of the required permits as well as an official licence.

Bit Gaming LLC, which is registered in St. Vincent and the Grenadines, runs Casino Xbit.

Counos Platform, a Swiss Blockchain firm, is behind the Xbit initiative. However, as previously said, it is controlled and administered independently. Counos was in charge of the project’s technological aspects.

How the Win Win Scenario is Possible?

The Xbit token was created for the online casino Xbit, and having Xbit coins can provide value and advantage to its owners in two ways. We’ll go over each one in detail to understand how this initiative may benefit people and why it will be effective.

Xbit Coin may be used for financial operations. For example Xbit Coins can be used for financial transfers in the same manner that any other coin can, depending on the current price of the currency. Ensuing paragraphs will further support the statement of a Win Win Scenario.

Staking of Xbit Coin

This project has also benefited from Counos Platform’s staking service.

The distribution of coins on exchanges will be reduced by staking. As a result,

coin prices will increase. Owners and holders of Xbit coins will benefit from the staking process in yet another way.

All Xbit currency owners will be able to use this tool to stake their coins. During the staking process, the staked coins are frozen and transferrable. By staking Xbit coins, users can receive a 5% annual return, which is considered a large return on a global scale.

Representative of Revenue Shares of Casino Xbit

The 800 million coins are allocated among the annual earnings determined/ declared by the Xbit online gaming firm (400 million for early investors and 400 million for regular customers). This profit is distributed in the form of CCXX coins to each wallet.

Everyone who holds these coins will take benefit and receive interest from the casino because the coins are revenue sharing representatives. Xbit is a cryptocurrency that creates money and value, and its owners get profit from it.

The value of the coins used in this casino, which is the Xbit currency, climbs as the casino improves and more players get interested in its games.

Buying Method of Xbit Coin

The best option is to purchase this coin directly from xbit/ buy/.

This straightforward method will allow you to buy Xbit Coins quickly and easily. You will need to complete a brief form. After that, you must transfer the monies and show proof of payment. That is all there is to it. The transaction has been completed, and Xbit Coins have been transferred to your wallet.

You will be able to buy Xbit in exchange for Counos X (CCXX), Tether (USDT), and Wrapped Xbit using this Direct Buy method (WXBT).

As you can see in the image, when you fill out the form, you have the option of paying using one of these digital currencies. For example, you can use Counos X to make a quick and easy payment and then receive the right amount in Xbit Coins.

Furthermore, Xbit Coin will be featured on Alterdice soon, with the following pairs: XBT/USDT and XBT/CCXX, allowing you to buy Xbit with Tether and Counos X, as well as vice versa.

Many more exchanges will list Xbit soon, and other than Alterdice, ExMarkets, DexTrade, Emirex, Koopal Exchange, DEX Koopal, Counos Centralized Exchange, and Counos DEX are also among these exchanges.

Technical Features of Xbit

We’ll go over the technical aspects of the Xbit coin to figure out exactly what it is and what it has to offer in terms of technical merits.

Xbit, abbreviated as XBT, is a cryptocurrency that was created using the SHA-256 algorithm, which is the same technique that was used in the creation of another significant cryptocurrency, Bitcoin. The Xbit Blockchain network was designed and developed using the most recent version of the source code.

This coin is a totally independent coin with its own Blockchain, unlike other coins that are constructed on other Blockchain networks. Xbit has a total cap of 1 billion coins, all of which have been pre-mined. This network generates one billion coins.

Early investors who built the casino and the development team would receive 400 million coins. This entire organisation, project, and casino have been developed thanks to their funding. Ordinary people will be able to purchase 400 million coins. The remaining 200 million coins are distributed to business owners.

Xbit, is very unique in its nature. Because Xbit was built for an already existing financial service: an online casino. As a result, prior to the currency, a financial service, a casino, had already been developed with its own set of services and features. This cryptocurrency is accepted by this online gaming device or online casino.

The casino will provide bonuses and interest to those who purchase this coin. It’s the same as buying stocks at a casino.

Potential Growth and Legal Aspect

Although Xbit’s initial pricing is low, the currency has a very robust and stable technical foundation. As a result, there is a lot of promise. Because these coins are utilised in the casino, they are similar to stocks, and the value of the coins rises as the casino attracts more players and generates more money.

It’s also worth noting that this casino is a legitimate establishment with all of the appropriate licences.

Last but not the Least

Every market and industry will inevitably be impacted by blockchain technology. Gaming on the internet is no exception. Transparency, efficiency, decentralisation, and, most importantly, privacy and security are not provided by traditional and traditional ways of online gaming.

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Xbit is a Blockchain-based startup that provides gamers with the benefits of this technology. In the midst of all traditional gaming platforms that do not offer them the advantages of a Blockchain-based platform, gamers require Xbit coin and online Casino Xbit. In view of the above discussion, there is nothing to lose while having Xbit Coin in your wallet. It’s a Win Win Situation throughout the course. For More Information Visit This Site: thefrisky


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