A Few Important Facts You Need to Know about Turbochargers


There was a time when a car engine’s power was dependent on the number and the size of the cylinders. With the advancement of time, it has gone. The arrival of turbochargers, engine controls, and compressors is responsible for improving your car’s overall performance.

A small turbine sitting between the engine and the exhaust is called a turbocharger. It spins the turbine using the exhaust gases. The turbine supplies more air into the car’s engine and escalates the power of the vehicle. Nowadays, reputed brands like AVO are introducing better devices that can boost your car’s power and make the engine last longer.

Usually, a turbocharger is made of four parts, such as:

1. Turbocharger

This central part of the device looks like a snail and contains:

  • An air intake and exhaust intake
  • Two separate impellers
  • A charged air exhaust that goes well to the intercooler

You can also find a hose line that helps the oil to pass.

2. Intercooler

The intercooler helps you decrease the temperature of the charged air force to drive it out of the turbocharger. It is also called a secondary radiator responsible for intercepting the air before it reaches the engine. A chilling agent is also used to cool down the process.

3. Wastegate

A valve named wastegate is placed between exhaust and turbocharger. This part is used to bypass the turbine so that you can easily control the increase and decrease of the power.

4. ECU Tune

A turbocharger device has an electronic brain. This brain needs calibration to control fuel-to-air mixtures and ignition timing. If you add a turbocharger to an engine that is not designed to serve your purpose, you need to reprogram the electronic control unit or ECU of your car’s engine.

Types of turbocharger

A wide variety of turbochargers are available in the market. Some of the popular types of turbochargers include:

  • Single turbocharger

A single turbocharger is perhaps the most common type of turbocharged device. It contains a single turbine. Generally, it is used for pedestrian cars, which don’t demand much horsepower or torque. In the aftermarket, it is identified as one of the most common tuners upgrades.

  • Twin turbocharger

If you add a second turbocharger to your existing one, you would be able to increase the supply of forced air to the engine. The setup is almost the same as single turbochargers. Some people use twin turbochargers that pair a large turbo with a small one to diminish turbo lag.

  • Compound-charged system

When you pair a turbocharger with a supercharger, it is called a compound-charged system. With this system, you can produce more torque. The turbocharger attached to this system boosts the top-end horsepower.


  • Spins quickly

Turbine spins quickly amplify the speed. When the engine of your car revs at almost 2,000 rpm, a turbocharger’s turbine can easily reach the highest level of speed, more than 280,000 rpm.

  • Improves engine quality

Authentic turbochargers have a great contribution to the overall performance of the engine. By using this device, you can enhance the performance of your old car.

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With the increasing demand for turbochargers, a significant downsizing trend is also emerging in the automotive sector. The displacement of multiple combustion engines is fading away gradually while the turbocharger compression provides better reduction and escalates the engine’s performance steadily. Significantly, downsized engines are comparatively heavier than similar other engines that do not have a downsized design.

It is a good sign that trusted brands like AVO continuously work on the manufacturing process to bring more advanced turbochargers. Undoubtedly, the concept of turbocharging will constantly be evolving in the near future.

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