6 Tips for Buying a Custom Casket Online


When it comes to the final resting of a loved one, there can be a lot of decisions to be made. If you or the loved one wished for a traditional burial the next step would be to choose the right casket. Saying goodbye to your loved one can prove to be both an emotionally difficult experience and an expensive one. This is because coffins and caskets take up a significant portion of that expense.

Buying a custom casket online is one of the best ways to reduce costs, they are offered at cheaper prices compared to options available at funeral homes and offer greater opportunities to customize the coffin.

Here are 6 tips to effectively buy custom caskets online, you could also learn more here.

Set up a fixed budget

Regardless of whether you are buying a casket online or at the funeral home, it is always a good idea to draw out a budget beforehand, this will help you consider selections within a limited price range. Having a budget will cut all unnecessary costs while also cutting decision times speeding up the process. Shipping costs, customizations should also be considered in the budget

Gather necessary information, do your homework

This includes research on where to buy a casket. This can include information such as reputable online sellers to help you make the right decision for you and your family. Consider the pros of buying a custom casket online. You will have less sales pressure as you will be shopping from the comfort of your home, on your own time. Also, consult with your funeral director on any special instructions in buying custom caskets online.

Choose the right casket.

Online retailers have a very wide variety of styles of caskets to choose from in their online stores and collections. Making the right choice is important. Caskets can be of many types classified by either the materials they are made of. Wooden, metal, and particleboard caskets are the most common in this category. Wooden caskets can further be made of high-quality mahogany, cherry – oak, or walnut wood which will fetch a higher price. While metal caskets can be blocked out elements or gasket sealed and be made of either steel, copper, or bronze. As a note, you may need to visit a showroom or a funeral home to get an idea of how the different types of wood and metal look like. Ask your funeral director for guidance or simply, to show you their sample caskets.

Customize your order

Online caskets sellers allow deep customizations to your caskets. Choose the right style of casket you would like, from military funeral caskets to top red funeral caskets, the variety is great. Determine the dimensions and capacity of the casket. How big is it going to be? The size will also reflect the overall size. Be sure to customize your order to your liking.

Double-check all costs, including shipping.

You will want to make sure there are no hidden costs. Check delivery and shipping costs. Different payment methods also require additional fees

Know your rights

Always remember it is your right to provide your casket to a funeral home. This should be done at no additional fees (handling fees). Funeral providers thus cannot refuse to take a coffin you bought online as its use in funeral service is completely legal in all 50 states


The ideal final resting place for your loved ones truly needs a bit of customization to get what we are looking for. It is a very personal decision; a customized casket can bring a sense of closeness to the one we have lost. There is no such thing as a status quo in regards to laying rest a loved one. Choose a custom casket online to your heart’s liking.

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