Get Your Online Cycling Certification in 3 Easy Steps


A cycling certification is an essential tool in whatever field you want to explore with your bicycle. Whether in club cycling, community ride, a big charity bicycling event, cycling competition, or just your fun ride, you will need the training and certification.

Sometimes, attending training classes to acquire the certificate may be a challenge with the tight daily schedules. You do not have to panic; you can consider taking the short course online. Studying online means doing it at your convenient time and space. It saves you time and finances since you will not need to commute to classes. Therefore, acquire your cycling certification online in these simple steps.

Sign Up for Courses

Enrolling for online cycling certification is the 1st step to become an indoor cycling instructor. The first thing is choosing the method of study you prefer. Include the registration fee in your application, then submit it through the website of the certification provider. Use the money transfer on the institution’s website for your payment.

Please ensure that you meet other requirements when signing up for the course. For example, the minimum age to enroll as a rider is fourteen years. If you want to register for a rider leader certification, the requirements may be a bit different. A rider leader must possess current first aid and CPR certificates, experience in mountain biking, excellent communications skills, and basic skills in performing minor trailside repairs like broken chains and flat tires. After signing up for the course you want to pursue, you will be ready to study online.

Take the Study

A practical online cycling certification class should balance theory lectures, demonstrations, and practical hands-on experience. The first module, the introductory section, takes approximately two and a half to three hours. Here are some topics you are likely to cover in the first module.

  • Operating guidelines
  • Benefits of cycling
  • Anticipated challenges
  • Bicycling and pedestrian laws
  • Helmet fitting and
  • Course summary

The second modules take one and a half hours, and it covers the following topics;

  • Review of the previous topics
  • Group cycling skills
  • Advanced cycling skills
  • Paceline skills and
  • Summary

The last bit of the course, the third module, takes about two hours, primarily for leader riders. It covers leadership topics like;

  • Role of the leader
  • Assessing your riding team or pre-ride tutorials
  • Performance conversations
  • Club standards and best practices
  • Crash and rider down policies.

After completing the third module, you are now ready to take the test before certification. However, you can choose to take an optional exam preview before the test.

Take the Cycling Certification Test

Before sitting for the test, you have a chance to go through the exam review for one hour. The session prepares for exams by covering these topics.

  • Review of the three modules
  • Questions and answers
  • Rules of certification exam engagement
  • Revision of materials from the previous topics
  • One week to complete
  • Grading scale guidelines and finally
  • Retake guidelines if necessary

Finally, you can sit for the actual certification test, receive your online cycling certification, and hit the trails.

Hit the Trails Like a Pro

Once you receive your cycling certificate, you can now confidently participate in any cycling race. You can acquire other credentials like bicycle mechanic certification for your advantage.

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