4 Tips to Consider When Choosing the Right Rug for Your Horse


In recent years, one can choose several different rugs for the horse. One can make their horse comfortable by considering various factors. The use of rugs in horses is mostly done for some factors, which include providing warmth to the horse, protecting the horse from some elements, and even providing warmth to the horse. Using rugs for horses comes with several benefits, which may include providing warmth to the horse, the horse will use less food, and even the horse will be kept clean and dry.

There are different types of horse rugs in the market, which will depend on several factors like the horse’s age, the temperatures, and even if the horse is stabled. There are different horse rugs, for instance, the horse fleece rug.

Here are tips to consider when choosing the right rug for your horse

1. Place of use

One of the key factors to consider when choosing the right rug for your horse is the exact place of use by the horse. There is no need to buy a heavy and waterproofed horse for a horse in the stable. Some horse owners may prefer to have their horses in the stable for various reasons, including the health status of the horse. One can use the stable rug for the horse to keep it warm while in the stable. While outdoors, one may prefer the horse turnout rug, which is more protective and warmer than the stable rug.

2. Cooling purposes

There are some horse rugs whose general purpose is to cool the horse. Like any other animal, the horse also does a lot of exercises. When one is riding the horse, there is a lot of sweating that comes along with it. A cooler rug is a type of horse rug that is generally speculated to cool the horse after extraneous exercise or even after a bath in preparation for competition or even for riding. When riding a horse, a cooler rug can be used alongside the dressage saddle to absorb the sweat and keep it cool.

3. Weather conditions

Another tip to consider when choosing a horse rug is the weather conditions. Some horses are adapted to summer conditions, while others are adapted to winter conditions. The two horses are different hence different rugs will be used in both. One cannot use a light turnout rug for a horse living in winter and, again, use a heavy turnout rug for horses in summer conditions. It will cause discomfort to the horse hence low performance.

4. Presence of flies and insect

Another factor of consideration when choosing a rug for your horse is the presence of insects and flies. Some areas, especially with warmer climates, are more prone to insects and even flies. When an insect bites the horse, it will cause discomfort, and even low performance by the horse will be shown. To avoid this, one can consider having a fly rug for the horse to avoid insect bites.

Wrapping up

In conclusion, the health and the issue of making the horse comfortable are very important. Since one enjoys it when the horse is given some services like competitions and even rides, it is important to take care of the horse depending on its needs. To keep the horse comfortable, this article has articulated some tips to consider when choosing a rug for your horse which includes; the temperature, presence of insects, place of use, and even cooling purposes. When these tips are followed, the horse’s overall performance will be great, and even its health.

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